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Atlas Biomed Genetic Test Review

This test fulfilled and exceeded my expectations. It provided detailed and relevant information about my health and undertook a throrough screening of the diseases and traits I could possibly be a carrier for — an important fact for me because I’m extremely health conscious. It also provided personalized information about my nutrition, particularly the genetic basis for some dietary intolerance.

All in all, the test provided solid value for the amount spent and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone considering it for information about their disease risks.

Atlas Biomed Genetic Test: Full Review

The company recently pioneered the first DNA and microbiome platform on the planet with the aim of empowering people to take full control over their health without waiting for its breakdown and their consequent hospitalization. The company was founded in London with the aim of encouraging people to be proactive about their health, a course of action that has been met with significant positive acclaim and worldwide publicity.

I actually got to know about the company from one of the news articles published about it on a magazine that I follow and I was intrigued enough to go to their website to find out more.

Product Expectations

On the website, I was shown the DNA and microbiome kits with an explanation of their various features. I decided to opt for the DNA testing kit as it provided more of the information that I was interested in although the microbiome kit was appealing as well. The DNA testing would provide, in addition to the previously mentioned analysis of disease risks and carrier status, information about my personal traits as well as help me with a nutritional and fitness plan.

Ordering Experience 

The ordering experience was smooth and stress free, when I clicked the option to order, I was taken to a checkout page where I was asked to provide personal details and told the amount I was to pay for the test.

I was offered several payment options, from which I opted to pay through the use of my credit card. Before payment, however, I was advised  I read through the terms and conditions of the derisive, which I did. It seemed pretty straightforward to me, without any alarming or concerning clauses to prompt concern.

After completing the order, I was to wait for the delivery of the testing kit with the option of tracking its whereabouts during this process.

The delivery of the testing kit occurred sooner than I had expected and I was also relieved to discover that the collection of the sample would be painless. It was also nice to discover that I would not have to pay for return shipping as this had been a concern of mine.


The results arrived slower than I had expected; I had been told be expect it in about three weeks but it took almost four weeks before I got the email notification that it was ready. The results were divided into subsections, with each covering a specific part of the test. I have outlined them below as follows:


As a very health conscious person, this was the most important section to me and it exceeded my expectations. It was divided into the disease risk and carrier sections with a color coded presentation which I found to both be very easy on the eyes and provide a sense of urgency to the important disease risks.

The risks were coded into green, yellow and red depending on their relative significance, and I appreciated the way it brought into focus the parts of my body that were at the most risk. I was happy to see that I had no particularly prominent risks although I had an orange classification of my risk for Alzheimer’s.

I also wasn’t a carrier for any known illnesses, and I have to admit that this was one of the best news I had gotten in a while.


This section showed me the nutritionally relevant information such as glucose levels, vitamin A and iron stores. I found that I possessed the lover limit of normal in iron stores and although this posed no immediate threat, I was determined to rectify this as soon as possible.

I also confirmed that I was lactose intolerant, as I had earlier suspected.

This section was much less technical than the health section and provided a light hearted approach to learning about my diet.


I discovered in this section that I was more genetically suited to exercises that needed short bursts of speed or power than to exercises requiring stamina. I had a tendency to build muscle quicker than others and less tendency to some types of muscle diseases.

It provided some recommendations on some of the exercises I would need to do if I wanted to lose weight as well as the types of sports I’d be most suited to.


In summary, this test addressed all my worries about the status of my health and the potential risks for disease that I and any future children I give birth to may be predisposed to. It did this in a manner that was mostly easy to understand and process and it was presented in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

The test also provided some vital information on nutrition and exercise, detailing the right approach to take with the above, and providing evidence based recommendations tailored to my specific needs.

It was worth every cent.



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Atlas Biomed Genetic Test Review

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