Santa! I want an Ancestry DNA kit for this Christmas

Like last year’s big holiday shopping season, the Ancestry DNA test is among the most gifted items this Christmas. Did you know that Ancestry DNA test kits were one of the top sold products last year during Prime day at Amazon? In recent years, DNA tests have become much easier. For instance, your DNA raw data can be obtained with a swab of your saliva. Nowadays, it is a trend for people to gain more information about their DNA  to acquire knowledge about the connections they share with their ancestors. DNA tests have improved drastically to provide you insight about your potential genetic health risks, which can give you the control to take care of your health and wellbeing. 

However, it is essential for you to not empty your wallet in the quest to purchase the best DNA test kit as a gift for this Christmas.

Here is the list of companies that provide you exciting offers and deals for this Christmas Sale

This list was formulated based on popularity and how frequently the companies announce deals on the festive season:

  1. Ancestry DNA: AncestryDNA kit for $59 and AncestryHealth kit for $99
  2. FTDNA: Get up to 40% OFF on Ancestry tests
  3. MyHeritage DNA: DNA report at just $49
  4. 23andMe: $70 OFF on 23andMe Health + Ancestry kit and 23andMe VIP Health + Ancestry Service kit, $20 OFF on Ancestry +Traits service kit

The companies that are mentioned above have been in the industry of genetic testing for more than 10 years.

Hence, they provide knowledge about health and ancestry through the reports that they generate by obtaining an individual’s DNA raw data.


A basic autosomal DNA test should not cost more than $99. If any company is charging you more than that, do not buy from them. Do not buy from companies that charge you to download your raw data. Your raw data is your genetic information. You are the owner and should not have to pay to download or request it.

Which is the Best Ancestry DNA Test Kit to Purchase during Christmas?

DNA test kits are one of the hottest gifts for Christmas in the past years, and the usage of DNA testing has improved drastically.

We have recommended specific strategies below that should be taken into consideration while buying an optimal DNA test kit:

Ancestry DNA

  • It is the #1 selling consumer DNA test in the world. It is the company that you need to focus on if you are interested in gaining knowledge about the historical and graphical insight into your family history. Other than this, they also focus on building the family health history tree. Ancestry DNA has priced this pack at an affordable rate of $59 this Christmas.
  • Ancestry DNA is one of the best-selling DNA kits, with over 15 million people in their database spanning over 350 regions to match your DNA. Remember, more the number of people you can match your DNA with, more accurate your result will be.
  • You can collect the DNA raw data from them and use it at a later stage, even on other health websites to get their reports regarding health and ancestry.


  • is the only company that focuses on paternal ancestry, maternal ancestry, and family ancestry by testing separately on autosomal DNA, Y chromosome, and Mt-DNA.
  • The Y-DNA tests are specific for the male subjects where they are segregated as Y-37, Y-67, and Y-111 based on the number of short tandem repeats that are being examined.
  • This test would be pointless in the case of females.
  • Other than this, they sell Maternal Ancestry Pack and Family Ancestry Pack, which can be used by both males and females.
  • Family Ancestry Pack is the cheapest of the bunch, which is priced at $59.

MyHeritage DNA

  • An interesting fact about MyHeritage DNA and FTDNA are that both of them use the same labs to perform their DNA tests.
  • However, MyHeritage DNA has priced its pack at $49 during this Christmas sale. The processing time for MyHeritage DNA and FTDNA are roughly similar.
  • Comparing both of them: FTDNA and MyHeritage DNA are basic matching services to DNA testers.
  • However, the clear winner from both of them is MyHeritage DNA. MyHeritage DNA allows the free upload of DNA results from other companies.
  • MyHeritage DNA can be beneficial in providing explicit knowledge of your ethnic background if you are from Europe, that is to say most of their users are based there.
  • Moreover, MyHeritage DNA is cheaper at $49 when compared to FTDNA, which is priced at $59.


  • 23andMe has discounted its basic service pack Ancestry + Traits service at $79. This provides more than 80+ reports that include Ancestry Report, Traits Reports, Family Tree, and DNA Relative Finder.
  • It offers easy to use home kits to analyze your DNA and prepare ancestry reports based on it.
  • 23andMe was the first company to analyze the ancestry from a consumer DNA test.

It is essential for you to choose your DNA test and purchase them based on your needs. MyHeritage DNA should be your best option if you are planning to gift your whole family a DNA kit.

For the latest deals and coupons, be sure to stay tuned to DNA Test Reviews. We will help you make the right DNA test choice.

An useful tip while buying the Ancestry DNA test!

If you are planning on getting the Ancestry DNA test for an older relative, go for a swab test. This means Ancestry DNA and 23andMe are off your list. Older people have complained often that they have trouble producing enough saliva for good quality DNA extraction. Family Tree DNA and MyHeritage DNA collect two swab samples, one of which is kept for future use.


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