Insitome DNA Test Kit: Metabolism Genetic Traits Profile (Ancestry)

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Discover if you are genetically adapted to be a Hunter or a Farmer. Your metabolism has been crafted by your ancestors’ dietary choices over the past 10,000 years. We’ll tell why you have the traits—from lactose tolerance to fat synthesis to alcohol tolerance—you have today. ABOUT INSITOME:...

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I bought this for my mom for Christmas. She loves anything to do with family history. She will be excited to see the result of the test. Me too!
This product is a great experience compared to the other food and metabolism DNA tests you can buy. Rather than simply giving you a readout of your results, they tell a history-rich story about how those traits developed in humans over time and came to be part of your genome. I went ahead and bought a dozen more kits from Insitome.
2 months later still waiting on results! Will request a refund. Links that were emailed to me for the results come back as non existen. Fed up!
Yes I understand that this is a metabolism genetic traits DNA test but I figured it would also tell me where I’m from. It does not. It tells you whether not you were lactose intolerant, I am 33 years old I promise you I know whether not I can drink milk. I gained no knowledge from this. Maybe you will have a better experience. But I learned nothing about where I’m from. I learned about the Paleo diet which I don’t care, I learned my body digest... which I already knew. Waste of time and money, how do I get my money back???? This was not a learning experience except for research what you are buying and getting. I was hoping that it would say because you are a German dissent you are better at digesting this or whatever. Nope.
I just love the new Metabolism app from Insitome! It is like opening doors to your past and then seeing how that has shaped your modern day life and health. One of the things I love about this app (and this applies to all the Insitome apps) is that it links to your DNA that has already been sequenced by Helix, and then opens new chapters in getting to know YOU. It was fun to see whether or not my genes were closer to a history as a hunter or a gatherer on what is called the Paleo scale. Then the app displays what your personal DNA story is related to a number of metabolism traits such as alcohol, coffee and lactose, to name just a few. The app actually discusses some of the specific genes involved, then goes on to provide information on these genes and how they impact you as a modern human. For myself, Insitome continues to bring a new and exciting personal approach to the continuing story of ME!
What a great product and experience! First, when my kit arrived I found the directions in collecting my saliva sample to be very simple and straightforward. Popped my sample into the mail and waited just a short period to get my results. Seond, having previously tried two other DNA products that I found the results hard to interpret, I was really excited to have a completely different experience with my Insitome results. It really felt like I was being told a story about me. Beautiful design and interface and fascinating results to boot. I’ve now done their Neanderthal and Metabolism traits and am looking forward to their future products. Have literally recommended it to everyone I know.
I would highly recommend Insitome over all other DNA testing products. First off, you only need to send in ONE spit sample and then you can easily purchase all of their products and view your results within minutes. Each chapter (product) offers up an insightful story catered to YOU. Perfect, unique holiday gift!
My wife and both sent in test. We only got one back. I have no idea what was sent to me. I think it was a complete waste of money.

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    No major surprises in terms of results – 96% European, 4% African. But where Insitome’s test really shines is the level of explanation given regarding each of the subregions. I’ve never heard of “Khoisan” before, and just knowing that I’m 1% doesn’t afford me much. But learning the period in which this culture evolved and what their lifestyles were like was pretty interesting. If you like this sort of thing, Insitome allows you to read about ALL of the different subregions, regardless of if they match your DNA. So if you’re 0% Siberian but have a fascination with them, you can still learn about them.

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    Fast results compared to several other companies I’ve tried (still waiting for results from a competitor that starts with “23” *ALMOST 4 MONTHS LATER!!!*)My disappointment with Helix is in the ancestry results. Just an overview without much detail. Heck I could have got that from talking to grandmother.Was still fun to do and I do trust them a little more than the above mentioned “others”. If you can get it on sale I say go for it!

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    Kit arrived on time. Results came back quicker than expected. Analysis VERY surprising. Kit worth every penny. VERY happy with purchase!

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    Total rip-off. This test doesn’t send you any results – everything is generic and you must pay extra for any results. DON’T BUY THIS.

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    Found some true surprises.

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    It didn’t really tell me anything I did not know.

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    I was given a general location of being Mediterranean only !!

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    i just can not get a straight answer and would like my results or my money back that is all.

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