Santa! I want an Ancestry DNA kit for this Christmas

Like last year’s big holiday shopping season, the Ancestry DNA test is among the most gifted items this Christmas. Did you know that Ancestry DNA test kits were one of the top sold products last year during Prime day at Amazon? In recent years, DNA ...

23andMe Announces Two New Trait Reports

Using a statistical model based off of 23 million consenting customers 23andMe reported an individual's predisposition to have bunions and flat feet. Bunions: Bunion or hallux valgus is a condition that is characterized by a bony bump that is ...

How Long Does A DNA Test Take?

How long does a DNA test take? There are many options to get a DNA test done online. Most of the Direct To Consumer (DTC) genetic tests are based on microarray DNA chips, which are capable of genotyping close to 700,000 genetic markers ...

DNA Test Reviews
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