Color – Genetic Risk Test for Common Cancers, Heart Conditions, and Medication Response – Analysis of 60+ Genes, Including BRCA1 and BRCA2 (Not Available in NY)

It was a rather easy process from the moment you get the box in the mail. I did for my peace of mind since I have been going through some health problems lately. I ordered the test that analyzes over 60 genes for both heart and cancer heritage. My results came in about 3 weeks, both negative. I also booked an appointment with the counselor, but it was rather useless, the results are pretty much self explanatory. I am still waiting for other parts of the results that would tell me it I have things dairy intolerance etc. I guess this test is a quick and reliable way to find out if you have some common cancers genes mutation, since it would be rather impossible to convince a conventional doctor to do something like this.
pichungi - August 10, 2018
This is probably the most comprehensive genetic test for health conditions available outside a doctors office. I got my results fast, and the genetic counselor I spoke to was kind and compassionate. Do it!
Lp - August 20, 2018
Excellent information and great communication. Highly recommend. When results are done, you speak 1:1 with a specialist to go over the results.
J. Bartlett - August 27, 2018
Easy to generate and package sample! Easy mailing! Quick and easy results! Well worth the price!!!
Ryan G. - November 21, 2018
My tests came back negative for any genetic cancer or heart disease risks, which is ultimately a good thing of course. There were a couple genes that showed up under Medication Response though. I will probably talk to a genetic counselor, just because I already paid for it and it can't hurt. The experience was really easy; they have great design and communication which helped rule out any ambiguity when you're trying to spit into a $200+ test correctly. While I may not get an ROI on this purchase, if you have genetic risks it can certainly cheap for what it can tell you.
Anthony T. - January 9, 2019
So far so good. The test was easy to do, filled out an online form, sent the test back. Within a couple of days I got an acknowledgement that they received it and I would get my results back within 30 days. Iā€™m still waiting on that part. But overall the experience has been positive. šŸ™‚
Cheryl L Mintel - December 18, 2018
I have several family member who have been diagnosed with cancer. I was concerned about how much genetics played a part in their conditions. I was prepared to learn there for some genetic markers, but I wanted to know so I could do what I could to concentrate prevention on those areas. I was relieved to find I had no generic markers for cancer or heart disease. While I know it doesn't mean I won't have issues with these conditions. I at least know genetic do not appear to be the cause. The sense of relief is priceless. I would definitely recommend!
Jb1017 - January 19, 2019
For only slightly more money, you can get Whole Exome Sequencing from other companies. I mistakenly assumed that I could access my raw data for these specific genes with Color's services because they market themselves as providing consumers access to important genetic health information. Wrong. You only receive their analysis report and cannot access your own genetic data that they have sequenced. They claim that they will update you on any new scientific developments that affect your genes, or you can subscribe to an expensive service to have them report on any new genes they decide to add to their service (no guarantees this will happen). If I could do it again, I would pay a little more for WGS that I can store myself and give to my medical providers and that reports on all protein-encoding genes, not just one interpretation of a small subset of encoding genes.
Chumley - September 3, 2018

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