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I can't comment on the actual test results because I didn't get that far. I ordered this for my son, to compare to my results from 23andme and my parents' results from Ancestry, but I ended up returning the kit because of the account set up requirements. TellmeGen is based in Spain and requires a drivers license or passport number for adults; to set up an account for a minor, it requires an upload of a "child ID card to verify paternity" and a "parent ID card to verify paternity." I'm not entirely sure what those are and my emails to the company to inquire didn't actually answer that question (birth certificate for the child? Drivers license for the parent? Passport?). I've had my identity stolen, so I inquired about security and the potential for identity theft as well, and the company did respond to that. Here is their reply:****We perfectly understand your concern.It is necessary to provide this documentation by law in Europe and the USA.With respect to security, we have 3 security barriers.1) The platform with the data are in the Microsoft cloud services. We have the security that Microsoft itself provides2) An external company encrypts and monitors all connections to the platform. This company works for large logistics, telecommunications, etc. It works around the world.3) Within the platform itself, in tellmeGen we have dissociated the genetic and personal data and encrypted this data. So if one part is obtained, the other can't be obtained.*****Since this is an optional test, I chose not to take the risk of connecting my son's papers with his genetic information, even with the layered security system they describe. Amazon was incredibly gracious and offered to refund the cost of the test even though we'd already opened it and started the process. Hopefully this will help others avoid the situation.
E. Osborne - July 24, 2018
I have just received my results from tellmegen and I’m very excited to review it. I had trouble initially registering my account. I sent an email and got a response back immediately. When does that ever happen? Very pleased with their quick response. My results have come back sooner than I expected. I can highly recommend this product and company so far. I’m hoping to be able to identify why I have so many mysterious symptoms that nobody can figure out!
Laurie Beckstrand - June 27, 2018
The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars is that it takes a long time to get the report after the sample is received. (4-6 weeks) This is noted on the website in the details, but not very clear at first.The test is simple to do (spit in the tube) and their customer service is very good. They clarified that you don't need to have the sample picked up immediately, so don't stress about scheduling the pickup. In my case, UPS picked up my kit, this was a little annoying because while the pickup was scheduled for a certain time, UPS came several hours later in the day. I ended up leaving the package & paperwork for them to pickup and did not have any issues.The report is very extensive and covers diseases ,inherited conditions, drug compatibility and general traits. (it doesn't give you ancestry information, but I was more interested in the health information which is why I chose this company).The high level information on diseases is pretty clear it gives you the research status of the gene connection to the disease, your probability for getting the disease, the average probability and your increased likelihood (1.5x) of getting this based on your results. The results are sorted by high risk (>1.2x), low risk (2.0x with your doctor. The summary reports can be downloaded in pdf. However, additional details are available on line including references and links to the technical papers where the research into the relationship between the gene and disease was identified. The items have varying levels of detail and descriptions with some having nice general descriptions that are easily understood by the layperson and others only having technical descriptions and links to the papers. For items with multiple genes, it is not clear how individual probabilities are used to calculate your probability for that disease.Also, before viewing the results you can choose not to view certain items if you don't want to know your chances for those.The data security and confidentiality appears to be very good. You register your test kit serial number (alpha numeric with upper & lower case). Only you have the link between the test kit and your name/information. You can grant access to your information to a health care professional who will have a separate log in. I haven't done this, so I don't know how easy it is.You can also request consultations for additional fees (in Euro) varying from 20-150 Euro. In my case, I didn't see the need to do this.They say that the results are reanalyzed when you log in, so if there are updates to the research that add more information, you can get that later. I'm not sure if they will email any updates, you probably should check back in 6-12 months to see if additional data is available.You can also download the raw data of the DNA testing for other uses. I'm not sure what, but it is good that they acknowledge that the data is yours and you can do what you like with it.Overall it appears to be a very good test for health related information. The other kits I looked at had much less health information available and were "static". I am still digging into the details of the reports, but am very pleased with my selection of the kit and the information provided.
Annette Baird - September 26, 2018
After comparing several tests available on Amazon, I opted for this because of the large number of diseases it shows. I find much more useful information than knowing my ancestors (this kit does not offer such service, a pity), but in that aspect tellmegen has no rival .. It has helped me a lot to understand how I am and what body type I have, what things I tolerate better and which ones should take more care, which is always an advantage.In my opinion, the best thing is that the information is updated for free as new advances in medicine are emerging and that is only offered by this company.The kit arrived in perfect conditions as can be seen in the photos.To put a negative note, the process of sending the sample may be a bit slow, but from what I have seen, they follow the same mechanism as the other companies in the sector.
H D - March 3, 2018
Don’t be afraid that this company is in Spain. They made it very easy to ship to them and as a medical professional, I was astounded by the depth of their genetic testing. I highly recommend this product to guide us in wise lifestyle choices for our future years.
Amazon Customer - July 22, 2018

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