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Before buying the MyHeritage DNA test please be aware that UNLESS YOU BUY A MYHERITAGE MEMBERSHIP FOR A YEAR OR MORE YOU WILL BE LIMITED ON WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH YOUR RESULTS.I got my results and can see the persentage of each nationallity that my DNA carries with a map showing the areas. It also show I have 2036 DNA matches. I can see the person's name, the country they are from and what percentage of DNA we share and our possible relationship (Example: John Doe, 3rd-5th cousin, shared DNA .05%). When I click to view the person's tree it brings me to the "upgrade your account" page. So to see the trees of the 2036 DNA matches I must purchase the Premium Plus membership, that has the tree searching included, for the price of $175 a year.Had I known this I would have gone with a company that either gave you full access to DNA match information or allowed you to buy a (less costly) monthly membership.
JeepLady - February 8, 2018
The beginning: I started with 23andMe, then moved on to Ancestry DNA. I wanted to see if there were any differences. There were a couple. The main two differences were:1) 23andMe showed a 40% range of Irish/British (zero Scandanavian) and Ancestry showed 50% range Scandinavian (zero British/ 3% Irish).2) 23andMe showed .08% African (zero West Asian) and Ancestry showed 4% West Asian (zero African).This had me REALLY confused, so I decided to look more into how the DNA testing process works, along with all of the details I thought I already knew from previous research.These DNA testing companies are able to give results based on their detailed research they have done on a reference population. It is different for every company. The main thing to keep in mind is the size of the reference group. The larger the group the more accurate the results. MyHeritage makes their testing available Internationally. People around the globe are doing this testing adding to this reference population. Via DNA testing company ways they are able to map different algorithms and locations to find where people in those regions would be from.Previous tests vs MyHeritage:1) My testing with MyHeritage was able to tell me that the reference group that Ancestry DNA had was more accurate. Knowing that many of the British and Irish (23andMe) people migrated from the Scandinavian region, somehow these tests were able to track that. This was done likely through the comparison using algorithms of people who share DNA SNPs in both Scandinavia and Britain/Ireland. Knowing that Scandinavia is the original location these people migrated from, these tests were both able to show that I am over 50% Scandinavian and not British at all (with much greater detail in reason than I am knowledgeable about of course).2) My testing with MyHeritage was able to tell me that the reference groups that 23andMe had, agreed that I have African DNA. Whatever the DNA segment is, it simply isn't in Ancestry's system. Ancestry DNA was unable to locate it and put a name to it like the other two tests did. BUT...Not only was MyHeritage able to verify for me that I was African, but it was able to pinpoint the location to KENYA. Some people from a Kenyan bloodline had gone through the testing and become part of MyHeritage's reference DNA. People from that area had a specific gene that lined up with one I have that showed up in my test. This along with a ton of other factors (SNP's tested and algorithms and other gene carrier factors) proves the Kenyan heritage.The main reason for MyHeritage DNA is by having the largest reference group and the fact that I was able to compare between these three companies myself and was able to see these differences. I can see how this company is on top as many online reviews and top lists place them. The fact is your family members can tell you your entire life where you are from. Until you or they are tested, there really isn't any way in knowing. Yes, my grandfathers parents were from Poland and spoke Polish and immigrated to the US. But does this mean that they didn't have any blood from West Asia or even from the Iberian Peninsula from their personal heritage as well? Of course not!This is where MyHeritage DNA is proving to be on top!**Don't forget! Your DNA doesn't change, but the population group does! As time progresses and more advances in technology are made your results may transform and become more and more accurate! I mean, really, it's a guessing game any way you look at it. MyHeritage is in the top! Forget 23andMe (except for the Health part, that stuff is great) and forget Ancestry DNA (except for their tree stuff, those Mormons really like helping out their dead family members, apparently that's a thing..and it makes their Tree system great as well).Summary: MyHeritage is the best company. Just go for it!
Hugginsjl - November 12, 2017
They are giving you so little info, and if you want to know more, you need to pay additional &179.99, Would never wasted my money on this, if I knew. They didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. Not recomended!
Iskra Kamboures - December 5, 2017
DO NOT PURCHASE!!! they have totally false test results! They gave ethnic percentages that were nowhere near what I was. They have false reports on my son and nephew who all took the test.We are of Korean descent but the results showed ZERO Korean and instead bunch of other ethnicities that was nowhere even close to what we were.I took 23andme and Ancestry and they showed similar results to each other but NOTHING even close to My heritage results. 23andme AND Ancestry both showed almost over 90% Korean!Trying to get help or info from My heritage site is next to impossible and even trying to contact them through email is of no help and a joke!I went through so much confusion and distress when I saw there DNA results and I'm glad I took the others to disprove My Heritage's findings.Turns out they don't even have Korea in the data their data base!!They don't even deserve the one star!
Amy L. - March 29, 2018
Took for ever and they made everything a monthly payment to unlock other services. Very disappointed with this purchase
Fernando Sanchez - February 14, 2018
MyHeritage doesn't recognize the kit number and customer service only works if you're paying over a hundred dollars for their services. What a joke and a waste of time.
J. Madden - February 19, 2018
I received my Heritage list , but then they won't give you your DNA unless you pay more money monthly. Not worth it and was very disappointed.
GG - March 18, 2018
They got close on the British Isles conclusions. But the family has records of decendents from central Germany so we were sure that would show. But the results show nothing for Germany which should be quite dominate. Also did not show the 1/32 Native American. Not very accurate.
Mike Brown - April 29, 2018

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