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I'm not convinced of whatever science is behind these test. My results were the opposite of what I would expect them to be. It was almost like I was reading somebody else's results. Customer service gave me answers like a politician when I inquired about another gene test that wasn't part of this kit.
Reg - September 5, 2017
*** amended here on 8/26/17 to respond to Orig3n's comment to my review (visible when using a desktop to access Amazon, not visible on a mobile) ***Dear Orig3n:I too had thought this was "just" a Superhero DNA test, but after reviewing your website, that's some scary [insert expletive here]! Per your website, in several places, you indicate that you have the world's largest cell repository - - my Spidey sense started tingling at this one, and went ballistic when in a completely separate section, in your mission statement, it is written that you turn our cells into Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells to use in the study of regenerative medicine. See here (p.s. I kept a screenshot): https://orig3n.com/our-mission/Great! You'll find a cure for illnesses, etc. But shouldn't you be more up front with your customers, umm, "research subjects".I did not provide informed consent for you to retain my cells after testing for "Superhero" qualities, and I sure did not provide consent for you to turn my cells into stem cells for research.So please explain: am I misinterpreting something here too? And what is your plan for destroying my cheek swab & any others (plus derivative products) obtained without informed consent?P.s. because this is now very creepy, I am reducing the review to a one- star.*** original review below ***If you are the type of person who thinks swabbing their cheek is fun, or who believes in the Easter Bunny, or who thinks that just maybe there is a winning PowerBall ticket inside the product, then by all means spend $29.99 to purchase the Superhero DNA test.I purchased the test for the entertainment value and because I'd never swabbed my cheek before for anything. So I wasn't expecting much from the results and "not much" (at least, from the scientific perspective) is exactly what I got.The cheek cell-filled swab made its way cross-country from California to the address on the return label (MA) in two days, so perhaps part of the $29.99 went to paying express postage on the pre-paid label. Results were available online in about a day.The reliability of the test is in question not only for the speed of the response (how much time was spent actually validating results vs responding with a pre-formed set of data most people would not question?) but also because there is at least one glaring scientific error in the science of this particular test.The Superhero DNA test report connects the Foxp2 gene (one of the genes supposedly tested) to Chromosome 6. In short, the Foxp2 gene is partially responsible for the ability to formulate new language skills and to problem- solve effectively. While the Superhero DNA test states this gene is on Chromosome 6, it is actually on Chromosome 7. To check this for yourself, look up "Foxp2" and "Max Planck Institute" in Germany or "Foxp2" and "US NIH" for the US National Institutes of Health.As for the entertainment value, I did get a lot of laughs (therefore the two-star review). The Superhero DNA test report stated I was "normal" in all 6 genes that formed part of the report. The interesting thing is that I am a polyglot who speaks multiple languages fluently - - and not just from the Indo-European language group, but from the Finno-Ugric group as well), and I am a professional troubleshooter whose job it is to solve problems & develop new processes to improve qualitative & quantitative performance.So either "normal" means that we are all capable of learning multiple languages, or it could be indicative of cross- contamination, or it could mean that intelligence, language ability, etc. really requires quantitative analysis (i.e. the combination of several genes together) and so testing for just two genes is a qualitative game & not sound science.Well, for my next bit of gene-related entertainment, I might swab my pet's cheek & wait with amused anticipation to see whether Orig3n thinks my pet is smarter than I am.Or I might just save the $29.99 & whatever else the other Orig3n tests cost and never again buy another one of their products. After all, I can only laugh so much before my wallet starts to hurt.
TT - August 25, 2017
Amazon can be a blessing and a curse for smaller companies... THe promotion run here initially overwhelmed Orig3n lab and hence the response time was sub-optimal. Company has since fixed that issue and is VERY responsive and courteous.What I like about Orig3n is that you cover the "lighter" side of genetics and don't compete with players such as 23 and me in areas such as hereditary disease. That certainly alleviates concerns with days privacy and such. I also like the textual summaries in the reports as well as the percentile comparison with the rest of the population.Some very useful scientific background provided.If you are about self-improvement or just wanted to confirm some assumptions you have always had about your talents and shortcomings, here is a good start.
Christian Messerschmidt - February 17, 2018
Just got my results back and it is really cool! The particular one I ordered, the Fit Test, is just what it says, it's about your "fitness" DNA. I was asked it this will tell you the types of food you should and the answer is no, not really. In the metabolism section of my fit test, it did list a couple recommendations but it did not go into a full detail. It did however, lead me to another test "What to feed your DNA" for $149. Which is why I only have this 4 stars....it seemed a little like bait and switch in my opinion. But, the fit test will tell you all about your fitness level, your muscle strength and recovery, your endurance, your metabolism, etc.. I feel that for the price, it should have given more nutritional information but that's just my opinion.
Lisa - January 25, 2017
I found the feedback very general and not helpful. Save your us$30 for something else.
Emilio Saionz - August 29, 2017
didn't realize it was an up sell ploy very limited information don't buy into scam
Birdzell - April 12, 2018
Results came quickly and they updated me on every part of the process loved this so much highly recommend.
Makeuphobbyist - March 26, 2018
I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of valuable information in my fitness report. My profile contained six categories with 27 related topics. The results are very beneficial in making healthy life style choices, in that specific strengths and weaknesses are explained.
Kathleen - July 17, 2018

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