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KITS NOT PERMITTED FOR USE IN MD, New York, NJ, RI. Test Taker must be 18+.; Tests sensitivity (not to be confused with an allergy) to 96 foods commonly found in modern Western diets, including gluten, dairy, wheat and yeast.; Quick + easy sample collection - only a few drops of blood. We provide...

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UPDATE 16-May-2018: We had my husband do this test so we could compare results. We call him the dog with hands because the man can eat everything in sight without issue. Sure enough, his test results show almost no reactivity to foods - just yogurt, which we knew about.I have major food issues - GERD, gluten intolerance, IC, IBS, migraines, and allergies. My test results show significant reactivity to a broad range of foods - and these are foods we knew I had issues with.I am convinced this test is pretty legit.PREVIOUS REVIEW: This test won’t confirm lactose intolerance nor celiac disease. All it does is show IgG reactive levels - antibodies. The medical community is divided over what this means for food tolerance. Humans develop antibodies as protection against foreign substances like viruses. If you have had chicken pox, you have antibodies against chicken pox. This doesn’t guarantee that you won’t get chicken pox, but it definitely reduces your chances significantly.But does having chicken pox antibodies make you willing to eat the chicken pox virus?Well, food is no different. There are foods our bodies believe are harmful foreign agents and so our bodies build up antibodies to protect us from them. Does the presence of the antibodies mean you are now safe to enjoy those foods? This is where the medical community is divided.NIH has published results of a study that shows elimating IgG-reactive foods reduces migraines.Here is what I can tell you - wheat and gluten are on my reactive IgG list. I eliminated both and I went from near-daily migraines to about 3 per month.IgG antibodies trigger an inflammatory response. That response will manifest in different human bodies in different ways. Migraines in some, brain fog or joint pain in others. Maybe lethargy, fatigue, insomnia, etc., it all depends on how the inflammatory response occurs.This test is only going to tell you your IgG reactivity to foods. It won’t tell you how that reactivity in you manifests. Maybe it doesn’t. Or maybe it’s the source of that mystery joint pain you are having.The human body is a complex ecosystem. No two bodies react exactly the same because we all have different gut bacteria, diets, genetics, medications, etc. Each of these things contributes to your unique chemistry. How these IgG-reactive foods impact your chemistry really can only be determined through an elimination diet and then reintroduction of one IgG-reactive food at a time so you can see how your body reacts to it.All this test will do is narrow down a possible list of foods based on IgG reactivity only.Celiac disease and lactose intolerance are two examples of food issues that this test will NOT reveal.Food intolerance has several possible causes - IgG just being one among many - and there are likely many more that we aren’t even aware of yet.So don’t put all of your eggs in one basket, so to speak. This test is just one piece of your body’s ecological mystery puzzle.
This product is amazing...here is my proof. I completed my food sensitivities test and gluten (ugh) came back as my extreme sensitivity. I was already scheduled to have an appointment with my gastroenterologist for something unrelated and i mentioned it to him. He ran various tests and came up with the same result. So you can get doctor advice in your own living room with this simple kit. I cut out gluten/wheat and I felt like a new person and lost 11 lbs in 10 days. I was literally poisoning myself with gluten. I always thought being gluten free was annoying if you didn't have an allergy or celiac, but ideas wrong. I Love the challenge now of finding yummy gluten free food everywhere we go.
i was skeptical about the product at first mainly because the reviews from scholarly article doesn't believe in IGg mediated sensitivity testing. I am here to tell you this is real! I have psoriasis, which by chance i found out gets drastically better when i eat a bland diet during treatments for another medical condition. I was on clobetasol solution, ointment, and ketoconazole shampoo trying to get my psoriasis under control for years. When i ate clean, i didn't need any of those medications and all my patches went away. Initially, i thought it was sensitivity to gluten and diary, which are common. I started avoiding all gluten and diary. However, my psoriasis would still flare when i didn't eat gluten. It was so confusing that i decided to test it with everlywell food sensitivity testing. My highest reactivity came out to be diary (which i suspected) and yeast!!! which is found in alcochol bakery items, and vinegar. I love sour foods like hot and sour soup and i drink socially. I'm so happy to find this out. I highly recommend this test!
The blood sample was fairly easy to collect. I put my test in the mail on Monday and got my results on Friday. Highly recommend. Found out I had a moderate reaction to some things I eat often and had no idea they were the culprit for my stomach pain. I thought I was gluten intolerant or something, but eliminating gluten wasn't really helping. Turns out it's yeast and dairy!
I have done this test myself and had great results. I am buying two kits for gifts for family members. As a registered dietitian this is a great tool to help persuade clients (and family) to change their eating habits. My own experience convinced me...I found that I was sensitive to foods which I never would have guessed and felt much better after taking them out of my diet.
Talked to my physician before trying this product and this is the response I got “From what I can tell these blood tests really don’t correlate with food sensitivities. They mostly just show what foods you have eaten. They are high or low depending upon when , how much etc you ate them. Most medical societies don’t use them except the holistic health people and dietitians because they can’t order blood tests but they make believe these IgG tests are reliable and they want you to make appointment with them to go over the resultsThe best way to tell if a food is causing a problem is simply eliminate from the diet for 4 to 6 weeks and see if symptoms or signs improve”I would save your 200$
I've had stomach problems for years and years. I've done reduction diets several times trying to figure out what was bothering me. The reduction diets take a long time to work and it takes a long time to add foods back in. We don't have health insurance that will pay for allergy testing and I wanted to see if foods were bothering me even if not a true "allergy". The results of this test took a week to come back and really pointed out a lot of food sensitivities. I react to spinach, milk, carrots, cheeses, even almonds among many other things! So in the past, when I would avoid milk, I'd drink almond milk. It is good to know what things could be a small bother for my body, but when eaten with several other items that bother me, it could be causing my GI issues. I do feel better now that I'm avoiding these food sensitivities.

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