Top 10 Paternity Genetic Testing Companies

Paternity DNA Testing Companies

In today’s technologically advanced world, nothing seems impossible.

The field of biology has expanded incredibly and made possible many things that past generations would not have even imagined.

Within biology, even the field of genetics has advanced. Today, one can determine the sex of an unborn child, detect any abnormalities that are present in the foetus, do genetic profiling to determine if a person is susceptible or immune to a particular disease or pathogen and so on.

One such advancement in the field of genetics is the paternity DNA Testing.

Paternity DNA testing, in simple words, is a test performed to determine if a particular man is the biological father of a particular child.

Each one of us has a set of genes half of which we got from our mother and the other half from our father.

So, matching genes between a father and the child determine, in almost all cases, that the man is the biological father of the child.

In many instances, even the mother’s DNA is tested to confirm that the correct child is being matched.


A brief history of paternity tests

Trying to determine who the father of the child is, is an age old practice.

People often try to match the hair color, appearance, skin or eye color of the child with the father to determine paternity.

However, armed with the knowledge of paternity, it is but obvious that these methods are nowhere close to fact or science.

It was in the early 20th century that people began to innovate different methods to scientifically determine paternity.

One of the earliest methods used was blood group antigen typing and human histocompatibility leukocyte antigen (HLA) typing.

Then, in the 1980s, this gave way to the analysis of DNA polymorphisms which was based on the fact that each and every individual has a unique genetic composition.

With more and more advancement in each decade, paternity tests have come a long way and blood has now been replaced with saliva, hospital tests can now be conducted at home and the accuracy is approaching 99%.


Choosing the right paternity genetic test

It is often disheartening when a bundle of joy is born amidst paternity and lineage uncertainty.

But, today’s methods are very reliable and help ease out the complications in such situations.

However, how does one determine the right paternity test for their situation?

There are primarily three types of paternity testings that are done:


  • At-Home paternity Test:

As the name goes, this type of paternity test is performed at home.

The collection of the samples happens in the privacy of your home and the test results are also delivered by email to the registered email address.


  • Prenatal Paternity Test:

This test is performed to determine the paternity of the child before he/she is born.

There are two ways to do this kind of a test. 

One is an invasive one where the amniotic fluid is used to perform tests and so it comes with some risk to the baby whereas the non-invasive method uses the DNA samples from the mother and the suspected father and so is least risky for the unborn baby.


  • Legal Paternity Test:

This type of paternity testing is done to establish who the father of the child is which is needed for many legal purposes such as making the birth certificate in some states when the parents are unmarried, adoption procedures, tax forms, immigration purposes, child custody etc.


What you should know before you do a paternity genetic test

Before one performs a paternity test, there are a few things you should know.

The DNA testing is done for various reasons such as determining health and lifestyle-related information, susceptibility to certain conditions or diseases, for determining the family tree, for racial and anthropological studies, paternity testing, determining the genetic conditions in an unborn child etc.

But, there are certain risks involved in DNA testing. The most important of them all is DNA privacy. Yes, with the global issues of data hacking, DNA data is equally at risk.

Though most companies have tight security for the data they collect, there may be some that might sell your data or your DNA sequence codes.

This isn’t a nice thing especially when it is done without your consent.  

Another disheartening thing DNA testing does is give results of the tests not as expected by the individual. One must be aware of these facts before going for a paternity test as well since it is also a type of DNA test.

Fortified with this knowledge now, let’s check out the top 10 paternity DNA testing companies in the world who maintain their global standards, are quick and accurate with their results and also take immense care about your DNA privacy and keep it secure.



Established in the year 1993, Identigene claims to be the #1 paternity testing brand in the USA.

It offers Home DNA testing and guarantees accuracy in its results.

It is available across 20,000 locations in the country and offers an easy instruction chart with step-by-step instructions for performing the test.

One can order their home-based DNA testing kit on their website, fill up the order form, use cheek swabs to collect DNA and put them as instructed in the sample collection envelope.

You can then send the sealed sample envelopes to the address given. Once the samples reach the lab, it takes only 2 business days for your results to arrive on your email!

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They are the most widely distributed paternity testing centres throughout the USA and have done so by partnering with many medical centres and physicians.

It has over 35 centres across the globe today since its inception 10 years ago.

They are at the top of their game always to maintain the reputation that they have created for themselves over the years.  

They offer various DNA testings and their paternity tests are accurate, reliable and affordable.

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This company was founded in the year 2003 and is an online Genealogy platform founded by Gilad Japhet.

Today, it has a database of over 1.76 million users. Unlike other companies, MyHeritage doesn’t offer direct paternity testing but provides multiple genealogy reports such as ancestry, family lines, etc.

Its advantage is that it has a huge database and has come to become a standard of sorts in the field of Genealogy. They offer two types of DNA testing –  the regular ethnicity DNA results and unique DNA results.

While the regular DNA results are basic, the unique results tell you a lot more in detail about yourself and help build family trees or trace you back to your ancestors.

Today, it is a market leader in the family tree and ancestry industry.



  • DDC or DNA Diagnosis Centre

DDC claims to be the most accredited DNA lab in the world.

They offer three types of paternity tests for 9 possible reasons.

They follow a dual process with advanced robotics and a PhD sign-off to ensure the accuracy of their tests, they have the quickest turn-around times which involves giving paternity test results in a day if needed, they have strict measures to secure results and data and all this and more at a very reasonable cost.



Based out of California, Home DNA direct is an accredited DNA testing centre.

It is now an international DNA testing company with offices across the globe. To maintain uniform standards in their operations throughout, they have accredited laboratories with well-qualified staff.

They offer various paternity tests such as home paternity testing, immigration and legal DNA paternity testing and have a quick turn around time of not more than 3-5 days.



  • Alpha Biolabs

This DNA paternity testing company is based in the United Kingdom and has won multiple service awards in its many years of operation since 2004.

It is a pioneer and a leader in DNA, drug and alcohol testing in the UK.

They are known for rapid testing that includes same-day test results, accuracy, nationwide sample collection and the best in the industry customer service and care support. They offer all this at a very reasonable and an affordable price.

The secret to their accuracy and quick results is their state-of-the-art laboratory where they perform their analysis in-house.



  • International Biosciences

International Biosciences is also based out of the United Kingdom and offers quick and accurate results in just 3-5 days.

Their paternity tests are carried out in accredited laboratories and are approved by the UK Ministry of Justice, therefore making them admissible for immigration and legal purposes.

Their home-based kit costs a mere $119 as compared to many other companies who are slightly more expensive.

The company has a US-based lab which makes it an added advantage for you to get your test results faster and with lesser chances of transit mishaps of your samples.

The company has a very friendly and supportive customer service staff and an easy-to-navigate website which educates the customers about various aspects of paternity and DNA testing.



  • STK Paternity Test

This company offers quick online results and a printed hard copy which is included within the cost of the kit itself.

The company performs the paternity and other DNA tests in their ISO 17025 and AABB certified labs, which translates to accurate results.

The company has a quick turn around time of 3-5 days,  ensures complete privacy of your reports but is priced at a mere $99.99!



This company has by far the cheapest and the quickest paternity testing kit.

They accept a variety of DNA samples such as cheek swabs, toothbrushes, blood on clothing, teeth, bones, semen, hair, nails etc.

The company by far has an experience of over 3,00,000 tests and has options separately for legal and non-legal paternity testing and the price of the kit varies accordingly.



  • Live Well Testing

A DNA testing company where, a small part of it performs paternity testing, albeit with great accuracy, making it one of the most trusted brands of paternity testing in the USA.

They have a DNA Home Buccal Test Kit and a Paternity DNA Home Legal Buccal Test Kit.

The tests at Live Well Testing, including paternity tests, are performed at laboratories that are ISO 17025, CAP, A2LA and AABB certified and use advanced technologies.

The good part? They ship their results across the world except the New York (due to legal issues).


While choosing the company of your choice, make sure it meets all your parameters and requirements.

In case you would like to perform a paternity test for legal or immigration purpose, ensure that the company’s results are acceptable and admissible.

An informed customer makes better choices they say!

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