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The #1 selling consumer DNA test, with millions of people who’ve made over 1 billion family connections.*; Only AncestryDNA can estimate your origins to more than 350 regions around the world.*; Get 2x more geographic detail than any other test.*; AncestryDNA is the only DNA test that provides...

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I'm Korean, but I wanted to further understand my ethic background. I was curious if I have South Asian genes or ancestors from other East Asian countries.But the test result only says I'm "100% Asian." One giant yellow pie chart just saying I'm just "Asian", nothing else. So, I paid 80 bucks to find out I'm Asian.AncestryDNA only 4 Asian regions (Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, and Guam/Philippines), whereas they have more than 100 European regions.Is this some sort of sick joke? I understand that the company may have way fewer Asian samples. But then, they should've notified customers that they can't track Asian people's ancestry at all.Don't waste your money on this, if you are Asian.
I HIGHLY recommend this!!! Being adopted, I've always been curious about my background and AncestryDNA helped me figure it out easily! However, the best feature in my opinion is that they then provide with information about potential family members. Because of this feature, I was finally able to connect with my biological sister after 25 years of dreaming about doing so! That right there means that I will forever say that AncestryDNA is worth every single penny and definitely earns and deserves 5 stars!!!
I've done DNA testing with all of the major companies now. And I've been at this DNA stuff for almost 15 years now.* I found the ethnicity estimate to be just about equal to everyone else. You can get more detail running your own models via gedmatch but for the curious or beginner, this is the easy result. If you just want to know whether you need a kilt or lederhosen or green beer for the next holiday seasons then this works as well, with many particular limitations, as any of the others.* There's no medical interpretation - most don't anymore. You can get good medical results running your raw download through Promethease for a few bucks. If you want to know medical propensities then Ancestry won't help much on its own.* The relationship calculations are pretty accurate and the database is huge. Compared to my other tests, this one returned far more and much closer connections. If you're looking for birth parents and such, this is the place to start. Just remember that the calculator is an estimate and other possibilities exist.- The sampling process was simple "spit in a tube, mail it in" - I much prefer cheek swabs but this gets the job done.- Time was super fast for me - 4 weeks from mail-in. I have a test out with one company that is nearing 3 months to process.- The user interface is pretty simple for newbies but doesn't offer much in the way of analysis tools for those who have DNA experience. Gedmatch can makeup for the shortfall in analysis tools if you can get your matches to upload there.- The ease of creating an attached tree makes for some particularly easy genealogical research to confirm/refute family connections.- The ease of creating an attached tree makes for some particularly prevalent errors in family trees.- yDNA and mtDNA predictive markers are hidden in these results if you want to make an effort to dig them out.- The marketing of this tester has created a large database of folks who were only interested in ethnicity and admixture estimates who have no interest in and won't reply to genealogy queries. Many haven't logged back in since they got their results back.There seem to be a lot of customers who forgot that molecular biology, human origins and migrations geography, and world history weren't their best subjects in school and were expecting this to return an easy result to "grasp it all" in a few minutes. The more you want to dig, the more complex the understanding will become. "DNA for Dummies" is a master's degree - "All You Ever Wanted to Know..." is a PhD. If you get hung up on needing to understand it all in a few short hours then you're going to get very frustrated. Take it in a little at a time.Having spent many $1000's on this hobby over the years, I'm very pleased with this $70 investment into understanding who I am and where I came from. Your mileage may vary.
My ancestors were from Korea. One of our daughters submitted her saliva to the 23 and me and discovered that she had Korean, Chinese and Japanese genes which wasn't surprising. Mine from the AncestryDNA, however, declared that I am 100% East Asian with a huge circled region encompassing Siberia to the north, Japan to the east, Indonesia to the south, and Bangladesh to the west. The map is attached. What a waste of money and effort! The Ancestry DNA should have a big warning that their test isn't for East Asians.
Review by Kim England-Before you purchase this product it is important that you know a bit about exactly what ethnicity is. It is not nationality or not necessarily even country of origin. Most people don't understand that ethnicity is inherited RANDOMLY. For argument's sake, let's say you know for certain one parent is 100% (unlikely) Italian, and the other parent 50% Irish and 50% Mexican. This does not mean the the child will be half Italian and a quarter Irish and a quarter Mexican. The child could end up with only 25% Italian or any number of combinations - including part of a different ethnicity altogether from their "deep ancestry" from several generations ago.Ethnicity is like any other characteristic/trait - a person may favor one parent more than the other. While everyone gets half of their chromosomes from each parent, this is NOT so when it comes to ethnicity. In fact, sometimes a part of one parent's ethnicity may not even get passed down at all. Likewise, it is possible to have a grandparent born in Germany (and for all practical purposes be mostly German), but not have any German passed down to the grandchild. Just like perhaps the eye color isn't the same or the height or hair texture.Another thing to remember is that the county or origin or nationality is not the same as ethnicity. For example, many people left their homeland to emigrate to Holland. After a generation or so, they adopted the language and customs. Perhaps then they left again and went to America, leaving future generations believing they are Dutch. Then they have their DNA tested and no dutch appears. "How can this be?" they ask. It is because their true ethnicity is not Dutch.Another instance could be that a particular ethnic group settled in a country and reproduced within their "own group" so to speak. DNA wise, the ethnicity would remain as such until another ethnic line is introduced. Examples of this occur in England, where some peoples tests show a high percentage of Norwegian. A reason for this could be that since the Viking invasion the generations just so happened to mate with others who shared similar Norwegian ethnicity.Lastly is the "Native American" phenomena. While many people like to believe or have been told that an ancestor was a Native, often this is family lore, or, if indeed it is true, it is not likely to show up in a DNA test. The introduction of an ethnicity in one's ancestry will not likely manifest itself in a high enough percentage to be of significance, although it is possible.With all that said, once you understand this, ask yourself what it is you are looking to get out of the test. Are you simply curious about your ethnicity? Do you have any interest in your genealogy (family tree)? For those who wish to learn about their genealogy it can be very useful. It is of benefit to have a family tree done and uploaded to Ancestry's website, even if you only know a little. Ancestry has access to so many records and more and more are being made available every day. The problem for many years is that the records weren't "searchable" because they had to be transcribed one by one.My advice for anyone who wishes to test their DNA is to order the kit and then get a temporary membership or even a one month membership to ancestry (start with the US Discovery membership which is under $20). Then enter your family tree information (individuals who are living are not visible to others). When your results come in, you will be able to see DNA "matches", that is anyone who also tested their DNA and has shared genetic markers with you. Ancestry will tell you in what way they suspect the person connects to you and they are usually spot on. They can even see if a person is a distant cousin (5th through 8th). If your match also has a tree on line, you will be able to view it and see how you connect. I have had several family members test and every time Ancestry's "predicted relationship" was accurate. In other words, my mother came up as "parent/child relationship" and siblings came up as siblings. First cousin matches were accurate as well. One second cousin came up as a third cousin, but that is the only "error" if one can even call it such.The ethnic portion is very interesting but should be taken more as a estimation. Advances in DNA testing will enable improved accuracy (like getting more specific than "British Isles" or "Asian") but the results are not just "pulled from no where". It is important to read the tutorials on the website. They are well researched and very informative. There is a load of information that would really enlighten many people and answer questions, but I'm not sure if this is happening. The test is quick, easy to do, and offers answers to many questions both on line and on the phone. Often there are sales but even at full price, the cost is worth it in my view.What this test will NOT do: test for diseases or health conditions, nor will it show genetic mutations or if one is a carrier of a particular trait.This kit serves those best who are interested in genealogy, however, do keep in mind that with DNA all closets become unlocked, and more than a few have been made aware of some unexpected relations.

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