One of the primary benefits I gained from the AthGene test was a better understanding of my lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness. With it, I became aware of the extent to which the kind of food I ate could affect my health. And I regular exercises could help me to reach my fitness goals faster.

I thought the information from my genetic results and its implications on my health were self-explanatory. But the fact that the information was written on a large block of text made it an overwhelming piece to digest. Although I found the content to be interesting and educative, it also enabled me to understand the conclusions reached from the facts presented. I gained a lot from the  AthGene test and would gladly recommend it to anyone who wants a wide of information regarding their health that would enable them to live a healthy lifestyle.


The AthGene is a Danish company that helps its patient to understand how they could fully optimize their lifestyle, fitness, and nutrition to enable them to live a healthy life. The current CEO founded the company, Yusafa Say alongside other co-founders who are Theis Thorn and Sebastian Tomsen who had a vast knowledge of science and technology. The company is promoting an ideology and believe whereby each will be able to a democratized access to their unique genetic information. Thereby enabling them to unzip their full potential.


The AthGene test covers the three primary categories of DNA analysis which are fitness, lifestyle, and nutrition. The company offers ‘single insights’ and not just packages alone. With only 13pounds, customers can access these tests and choose from the several analysis from the full list of the 30 options available. Since I was indifferent to my health needs at that moment, I had to check the menu list to see if I could pick any from the list.

There were four categories to choose from, and each one was picked from the categories previously mentioned which were fitness, nutrition and lifestyle, and the last one which was the AthGene premium package which included all the insights available. So decided to check this one out properly since it was the most comprehensive option available too. According to the information presented, I was entitled to 30 points which I could use for any insights I chose.

Each product descriptions came alongside with a GIF that showed the kit being opened. And this was a somewhat new an effective means of displaying the content of a kit. I also saw a link to the full list of insights which enabled me to read up the content in much detail. I was able to understand the specific gene(s) that would be analyzed to provide insights on some particular aspect of my health.

Also included was a “how it works” section that performed the testing which was pretty easy. I was told that my result would take approximately eight weeks to be delivered after receiving my sample in the lab. AthGene went further to disclose that my genetic record would not be shared with any third party which I was pleased with, but I later discovered that AthGene could use my records for their product development process, which I would not be held liable.


The process of ordering was stress-free as I added the test to my cart and discovered that there was no shipping fee even though the company is based in Denmark. Payment could be made with a using Paypal and credit card through Stripe.

Immediately my payment was processed, I got a mail confirming my payment, and I received the kit a few days later. I was required to register it online by setting up an account using my email address and any password of my choice. After that, I entered the barcode on the kit to link it with my account, so I could access my results when they are ready. I received a mail confirming my registration, and I sent back the sample through the prepaid postage provided.

After ten days of sending my sample, AthGene sent me a mail to ask if I was sure I posted the sample because they didn’t receive it. I replied to them that I sent the sample and got my result a month later.


AthGene informed me that my results were ready through the online account I had set up during the registration process. When I logged in, I saw a summary of all my findings on the homepage. And a section of it was shown below.

In this page, I was able to see all my results at a glance as they were presented in the reports before I clicked to see more details about them. The results were enormous to read through, hence; they were categorized into fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle.


When I clicked on the lifestyle tab, they were only seven out of the 30 results included as shown below. I was anxious to see my alcohol results because I was skeptical with regards to whether a low sensitivity to alcohol was as a result of how my body preserved it or how well I responded to it. In the result, I found out that my body was capable of converting alcohol to energy faster than the average person. This was to my advantage according to the reports because I was less likely to get drunk quickly. But there were adverse effects too such as the likelihood of alcohol dependence. And some health challenges like high blood pressure because of the excessive consumption of alcohol more than the average person.

There was also some advice offered on the various ways to reduce the side effects of alcohol consumption. For instance, I was told that the best way to reduce my alcohol intake as a means of reducing weight gain was to give it up altogether. However, if this was too challenging for me, I was advised to stick to those alcoholic drinks that are base on sparkling water. I valued this advised because it was realistic and practical enough to enable me to inculcate it easily into my present lifestyle.

There was an ‘About Us’ section that offered more advice regarding the intake of alcohol. For instance, I could read the level of the alcoholic unit that each person should stick to irrespective of their genetic information. The result finally showed the full details about the genes that were subject to analysis to produce the results and the results of my genotype GG. The results also showed me the other genes existing, and what they indicated about a person’s sensitivity to alcohol.at that point, I didn’t know the meaning of a genotype, and there was no information regarding it meaning. According to the info I read on Wikipedia, it was part of the DNA sequence that determined a characteristic. This was real to me because I remembered that the two letters it was made of were same with my DNA sequence.

The report on alcohol was concluded from the analysis of two genes, and it varied for different results. For instance, another result in the lifestyle section used three genes for analysis to conclude that I was likely to sleep moderately well. A critical look at the three genes implied that AthGene the most disturbing aspect that could be of concern to me was the frequent movement in my sleep. But since the variants present in the other two genes predisposed me to quality sleep, it was concluded that I could only be moderately at risk of sleeping poorly.

The remaining results revealed that I was likely going to respond moderately to caffeine. But I wasn’t aware of this since I drink neither coffee nor caffeinated drinks. And that there is a high chance of me having a balanced appetite which I agree with because I don’t gain weight quickly. But there was one result I wasn’t okay with, which was the one that analyzed the possibility of me developing a ‘Sweet Tooth.’ according to the report, I was more likely to go for a savory than sweet foods an I found it to be untrue. Also, the result didn’t indicate how food culture could have a significant impact. Hence, environmental factors were more likely to play a significant role in my preference than my genetics.


I decided to read through my fitness results after the lifestyle results. The section covered seven results such as muscle type, sweats levels and endurance.

However, one particular result impressed me, that is the VO2 Mass Potential, and it indicated that mine was moderate. I was pleased to find such a result included in my results as I wasn’t sure about mine earlier on. It examined the extent to which I consume oxygen during exercise. And it is most needed for sporting activities. The reports disclosed that an average VO2 Mass Potential could be increased slightly faster than average. But no info was provided on how long it will take me in comparison to that of others. The section titled ‘ How to improve your VO2 Max’ pointed out that the best way to increase it was through interval training. However, I got to understand it better when it further explained that I could alternate between a minute of high intensity with a minute of low intensity while running for a 5k distance.

Another aspect of this result section explained in detail how I could estimate my current VO2 Max. But I didn’t get the usefulness of this quickly. Instead because it was included in the bottom of the ‘About’ section. But I was able to navigate easily because most other texts were written in large blocks.

One other result that I mainly expected was a result showing an assessment of my risk of connective tissue injury. I sometimes sustain injuries mostly in my elbow and joints, so I was happy with the recommendations given alongside the tips on exercises. I cherished the advise and we always remember them whenever I am performing an exercise to avoid injuries.


The results were finalized with 14 different results based on various aspects of my diet. The areas analyzed were the degree of sensitivity to food and my likely uptake of different vitamins. According to the first result, it showed that I was inclined to develop a high sensitivity to lactose. I was surprised because I don’t drink many dairy foods. But since I had not encountered any problem with it, I waved it to be untrue. But when I dug further into the result, it revealed that those with high sensitivity to lactose could experience no problems from their cheese or butter intake because most of the lactose is broken down into the production process. I realize the result might be based on facts since these were the two types of the diary I eat the most.

As a vegetarian, my concern is to have an intake of vitamins as much possible from the consumption of meat. My results showed that I was likely to have an uptake of vitamin of vitamin B6. And this has an even shorter description than the others. But it still presented enough facts for me to understand that I needed a much more intake of vitamins. The result also suggested some vegetables and meat I could eat to increase my vitamin intake.

The About section provided much more detail by explaining the role of vitamins in the body, and how having too little or too much could affect my health. The segment focused on vitamin B in general and not vitamin B6, and this was somewhat confusing to me. Especially when I realized that most of the content was used for my vitamin B6, B9 and B12 results due to its relevance to each one of them.

The results showed that I was predisposed to moderate intake of these vitamins. Although I will have to eat more of veggies to get a much of these vitamins than meat eaters. But I was glad to know that I won’t have to eat more than the average vegetarian.


The AthGene test enabled me to understand my nutrition, and lifestyle better. I was able to know the various aspects that could have an impact on my health. This made me realize how important it was not just to eat healthy food and exercise but also the kind of ingredients I used for my meals and the best routine that would help me to reach my fitness goals quicker.

I concluded that these explanations regarding my genetics and how it could affect my health were thorough. But I found the information provided on a large block of test to be somewhat overwhelming. Aside from these, the information provided was insightful and exciting too. I loved the AthGene test and would gladly recommend it to anyone seeking a wide range of comprehensive information to help them live a healthier lifestyle.

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