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Athletigene Genetic Testing For Health and Fitness Review



In summary, I found a unique way of using the DNA report I paid 23andMe to produce, and it was no other than the Athletigene. I was so impressed with its ease of use, the realistic and implementable recommendations and the vast range of results available.

Although the sections here are clear enough and detailed, I must confess that they are most useful to those who know what they want. But if only a few graphics could be added, it will help those who don’t know where to start from.

I was happy with the way the result was linked to science which was carefully explained. Also, my comments were far from critical issues and primarily based on issues that could help to improve on the existing standards. Athletigene is highly recommended for anyone who wants to improve on their fitness routine.


Athletigene Health and Fitness Genetic Test: Full Review

Athletigene gave me the opportunity to help me process my produce a report by processing my 23andMe data to enable me to become a better athlete. Again, they gave me a chance to undergo a DNA test to procure their service. But since I had done the test already, I choose to get the report outrightly. This is one of the numerous tools that enable you to input your results from previous DNA test to have more insights. And we are evaluating just one of these tools available. You might be interested in knowing its features and how it relates.


Product expectations

Athletigene website revealed that the company is primarily interested in exploring the DNA of athletes. To improve their performance and conclude the impact of genetics on human health. However, the website didn’t disclose enough information on what the service was going to provide or what would be included in the report. But one thing was sure, and it wasn’t going to be a service that will be used as a means of talent identification such as the kind of sports one will be very good at performing. And it was not meant to be used for accessing one’s abilities. This is because some environmental factors, unknown genetic and biological factors played a significant role in determining it as well.

Athletigene specified that a person might either provide a DNA sample or provide the one obtained from AncestryDNA or 23andMe. And each of these options shared an equal coverage on the main page.


Ordering experience

To gain access to the service, I had to sign up as a member of Athletigene. The process was pretty easy as it required just an email and a password. There was also an opt-out option to sign up for the newsletter and blog posts. Immediately I signed up, and I was led to the right destination with just two questions. ‘are you registering an Athletigene DNA kit? And ‘have you had your DNA test already? I replied with a ‘no’ to the first and a ‘yes’ to the second question. And they requested me to upload my data. Again, this was pretty easy as I was given the option to either upload from the computer or through the 23andMe/AncestryDNA websites.

I also wish to state that I changed my password after signing up because I gave a friend my login details to help me check my results. But to my surprise, Athletigene didn’t allow me to change the password.


Athletigene results

I uploaded my data, and was directed to my reports which I received quickly, and it was also comprehensive.

Results section: Nutrition, Athletics and other activities

The results were categorized into two main sections which were: Athletics, Nutrition, and Psychology. And they were displayed in the initial DNA dashboard page and shown as a Venn diagram. Thus, it demonstrated how the results were analyzed, and it was great to see a colorful visual display of my results.

The results of the actual reports (available through the DNA dashboard page) were displayed across two tabs which were labeled as ‘my DNA’ and ‘Recommendations’ respectively. The former revealed the type of traits that I may likely exhibit due to my DNA, while the latter gave some recommendations on the best way to manage these traits.

The Athletics, Nutrition, and Psychology were further split into sub-categories which were ‘Response to food,’ ‘Weightlifting,’ ‘Injury’ ‘Metabolic Conditioning,’ ‘Stress,’ and’ Mental Game.’ to me, these points were not really necessary, since they didn’t add any additional information rather than the obvious. And they were not well written enough to make me believe the facts as presented. But in case you wish to get trained on any aspects then these sub-categories will help you immensely to access the relevant results while focusing on targeted improvement to your workout.

But there was a particular result that impressed me, which was based on my DNA data that I am genetically predisposed to having a low sensitivity to caffeine. And the recommendation was more specific to my amazement by providing the exact tie that intake of caffeine could be most effective. I was even impressed with the enormous information provided about each trait under headings such as ‘Why am I less sensitive to caffeine?’ And ‘How does this affect my training?’.

Nothing impressed me better than the way science was critically explained and utilized as a basis for the results. Athletigene clearly explained the basis of their conclusions in the results. And why those specific recommendations were given. With these, the results became more reliable, and the technical details were presented in an exciting manner that made it easy to understand. My favorite feature was the addition of a scoring system. The research backing each conclusion was rated on a scale of A-D. A denotes strong evidence, while D signified weak evidence. It was based on the number of relevant studies performed and how many subjects each of these studies had. This made me score the company as a reliable one and increased my trust in the results provided as well. I soon realized that I needed to take each of the recommendations seriously. And this helped me to know that specific activity that needed my urgent attention.


Results section: Adaptable traits, Gifts, Opportunities

The results were also analyzed based on the following categories which were: gifts, opportunities ad adaptable traits. With this categories, I was able to know the specific traits I was naturally gifted in as well as the areas that needed improvement based on my DNA. But I had a problem with the way the titles were presented. This is because I thought ‘gift’ signified an offer to help me develop skill but I got to know that it meant my natural strength in the specified area. However, it could have been explained better by providing a detailed report regarding it at the beginning of the result section. Some tooltips were provided next to each of the three categories as a summary on the DNA dashboard. By providing a short explanation regarding each of them, the point and message would have been made clear enough from the outset.

Luckily, I saw pop-up information explaining gifts, opportunity and adaptable traits in each section. The scoring system for scientific research (with each rated A-D) was also provided. This was very easy to understand, and I loved the way the trait icon for a particular result was in a different color and shape from the next one. This made it easy for me to interpret them carefully and helped me to prioritize what I investigated initially. Worthy of mention is the fact that I loved the way they described the ‘the weight gain from saturated fats as opportunities rather than weakness. Showcasing them as positive aspects to link with your diet and fitness routine. But this fact wasn’t explained well enough initially. Hence, a detailed explanation from the beginning is needed.

Another thing I liked was the ‘how do you compare with others’ tab. It demonstrated the results that those with a different genetic predisposition might have. Thus, the results will be shown in a context which is absent in most DNA test results. The related traits section and the recommendations tab all worked together to provide further avenues of explaining more details about my results, and I could relate with it.


Target audience

Athletigene is aware of their customer’s diverse needs. And this is why a target audience is given next to each result (either beginner, intermediate or advanced). This is good, but I wonder why my results recommendations were a target at beginner or intermediate levels. I would have preferred my athletic ability to be tailored upfront regarding the results about my present level of ability.

Aside from these, it’s true that I stick to a fairly routine. I wouldn’t describe myself as less than a casual athlete, with an intermediate ability probably. And I know that most of Athletigene customers will rank in a similar position. Hence, the reason why most of their advice is towards this target audience.

But I thought that it would have made more sense if Athletigene had split the recommendations into three parts while each will focus on a different level of athletic ability. So that customers can quickly navigate to the advice that suits them the most.



The Athletigene athletic report offered me an opportunity to use my DNA record which was conducted by 23andMe. I was particularly pleased with the way it was straightforward to use, and it also had practical and focused recommendations alongside a vast array of results.

The reports were divided into different sections that were explicitly clear and detailed. People who know what they want will find it very useful. But if the company could infuse some more graphics so that the results could be interpreted from a glance, it would help those who probably don’t know where to start.

I really love the way science was used as a basis for the conclusions reached and how it was carefully explained and linked to the results. If I had any complaint at all, they wouldn’t be serious issues other than suggesting ways to improve on the level of service. Athletigene is highly recommended to anyone who wants to promote and improve on their fitness routine.

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