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Cherokee DNA Test Plus Ideal for confirming family traditions of Cherokee descent. Your DNA forensic profile is determined at the lab and is then put into a population database with two Cherokee populations and 30 other possible Native American matches, including North Carolina, Florida, Canadian...

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I took the Cherokee DNA Test Plus because family lore always included AmerInd ancestry. Although I was reasonably certain that I had no Cherokee ancestry, I discovered that the test also included genetic markers for other native tribes. I was taught that my ancestry was Yuchi/Euchee. Other family members, using other databases, had been tested and showed no evidence of AmerInd ancestry. BTW, a simple look at pictures of my grandfather and his mother confirmed their AmerInd ancestry. I got my results back within 2 weeks. Lo and behold, I have genetic markers from aboriginal tribes in Florida...exactly where they should be. I'm grateful for the service and recommend it to all. John William Bass, Sr., Cairo, Georgia.
I have often wondered what my heritage is. Greek, Turkish, Scot/Irish, SE American Indian? These reflect both sides of my family as I think they are.I decided to purchase this particular product to find out.The results were general and were interesting as they reflected a more diverse mixture than I would have expected on my father' side. Middle Eastern was particularly prominent. As my dad's father immigrated from Turkey during the Greek/Turkish conflicts early in the last century, the Middle Eastern component did not surprise me just the strength of it did. I think this is a reflection of how mobile people groups have been.I am happy with the information I have received but intend to purchase the premium product mentioned in my results in order to get a more detailed look at my heritage.In my opinion, I am satisfied with what I have received and would recommend purchasing this product in order to find out more regarding your heritage.
I'm very satisfied with DNA Consultants. The report confirmed what little I knew about my ancestry, I gave me a new perspective on my genealogy that I had not even considered. Thank you for rekindling the flame for my family research!
I thought I would get a nice certificate in the mail, but instead got it emailed to me. Because I had not saved them in my email address book, or I did not recognize them, I did not open it. I finally got it July 12rh. I am happy with the results. I would recommend them. I know how important knowing your ancestry is, and they go into great detail.
This very specific Test is only available here and it was and still is a wonderful experience since they have many other test groups. I had a few questions initially. They were easily accessible, very pleasant and helpful. They include detailed information about the process and the results. They also have an extensive library on Native Americans, Cherokees, plus etc. It is just fun and educational to look through all they offer and help to make a better choice of further testing.
It was like all the other I tried no different.
I was disappointed in the DNA test report provided. It was vague and did not provide the detailed Cherokee DNA information that I wanted and needed. I also expected a report with certification to be sent to me in print not emailed to me. I now have to go to another source to get a more detailed, specific DNA report. This was my first time ever having DNA testing and it didn't meet my expectations.
I have taken (2) completely different DNA tests and have had (2) completely different results. These DNA tests are a complete waste of money, they are nothing but a rip off. I have traced my Fathers side back to Holland in the 1600's and neither one of the tests that I took show any Holland-Dutch heritage at ALL. My daughter took one of the tests and her test was totally different than mine also. There is NO truth to these tests at all....Don't waste your money!!

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