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Dante Labs: Whole Genome Sequencing Test Review

“Dante labs” is another company that is maximizing the sequencing technology. The company is located in Europe and the United States. They have an active partnership with other labs all over the world. With the sequencing technology they use, they can map a complete genome in just eight weeks. For this great service, they only charge around $1,175

Their Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) codes up to 99% of the human genome, a number greater than what is offered by many other labs. In Europe, they only charge around $1000 equivalent. This amount can even be reduced with their promotional offerings. Noticeable is the Amazon prime days offer on their product as a result of their partnership with Amazon. The WGS also provides an opportunity for users to receive their text file format of their genome and a summary report.

Apart from the WGS, they also offer other tests that are not as comprehensive but at lower prices. Some of these risk-targeted tests can cost as low as $350.

The major benefit of having access to the raw data is that provides a foundation for other genome analysis. This was very useful for me. I was able to take my genome test data files to other analysis providers. Some of these analysis providers will help with other specific analysis of disease risk and drug resistance issues can be decoded and evaluated.


Sample collection

After I placed the sample for the kit, it was received in three days’ time. It came in a box accompanied with instructions on how the kit works and the steps I need to take to return the kit after the sample collection. I collected my saliva into the vial, and everything was sealed. The kit was dropped at the nearest DHL point according to the instructions. I got a notification afterward (after some few days) that it had been received.

It was after sending the kit that I began to get worried about privacy. I was considering if my genetic data would be safe and my results will not be accessed by any third party. I was also afraid that sequencing my genome could expose me as a carrier of some weird genetic conditions.

However, I realized that the privacy issue is not as difficult as it seemed. While registering, I gave out my name, email address, and my address. Payment is also done with a credit card or with PayPal. There is an eight digit code that followed the kit which was the key for further interaction and communication with Dante’s lab. Therefore my communications with them were secured as long as I was the only that had access to the number.

While the privacy issue was not as difficult as it seemed, I had other problems. It was the ethical issue. I was concerned about whether or when it is appropriate to disclose my data. Do I want to know my level of risk to some of these weird diseases? Could I cope with the knowledge and will I be able to share the facts with others? I was not sure of the answer to these questions.


Dante Labs Results

As a result of the ethical concerns discussed above, I have chosen not to disclose results that are clinically significant.

The whole process took about eight weeks. I received a notification via email that the test was concluded. The result was contained in a Wellness and Longevity result that was a whopping 160 pages. The data file also came with the report. I received a data file of 951MB.

The report contained a lot of data. Even the summary section was so detailed. There was a huge list of SNPs. Coupled with this, there was a list of the indication of my allele and the associated traits.

There was crucial information that made reading the report easier. The information was that there is a difference between genes that are associated with exacerbating the risk of some health conditions and genes that cause those conditions outrightly. The number of studies carried out on each gene was listed. The report also informed me that the result has drawn from every available research finding and that as findings increase in the future, there might be changes.

I found out that the genome report had many things right about me. The report said I am European and I have a gene variant called the gs241 which is the cause of green, hazel eyes. This was true of me. As a result of my taste buds, food compounds like phenylthiocarbamide don’t taste bitter in my mouth. The report indicated that I should enjoy eating things like broccoli, dark beer, and cabbage. I could not agree more.

The report went on to indicate that I possess the allele that makes caffeine have a higher metabolism rate. This allele is said to be possessed by only a few people in the population. As a result, caffeinated products will have less effect on me. I think this is also true as a strong coffee drinker. But not just caffeine, my allele also means that alcohol metabolism is faster. This makes me have a higher craving for Alcohol with fewer health effects.

My genome also gave out some other interesting information. For example, my C; T alleles suggest that I have wet earwax. The fact that I am heterozygous on the same SNP means I also have better body odor. My genetic makeup also means that I have reduced the risk of being bald.

There was also vital information regarding my disposition to certain drugs and medications. There were 100 medications that were tested. I discovered I was resistant to some of those drugs; other require a higher dose than normal for them to work for me and there were those that have a positive response from each drug taken.

In the end, I also got the information I was most afraid of- the result that shows a link between genetic makeup and the risk of certain diseases. What I discovered that the results were not so straightforward and definite.

However, this section of the report was interesting to read. It seemed to support the fact that some diseases were common in many generations of my family.


Dante Labs Whole Genome Sequencing Kit

Courtesy: Medical Futurist


Key takeaways

It was an interesting experience. There is still much development to be made in this field. The research is still on and can be said to be in infancy. Some sections of the test are very straightforward like drug interactions. The test is also clear-cut on the carrier status of certain genetic diseases. Relationship to certain foods and the correlation between genetics and lifestyle are apt. The association of genetics with the risk of certain diseases is however still fraught with inconsistencies and uncertainties.

Going forward, the greatest benefit I derived from the whole process is that I can outsmart my genes and live a better life with greater health than my gene can dictate. This will involve good nutrition and diet, exercise and quality rest.

Genome sequencing is still a growing field. But for the price of it and the sheer excitement of the possibilities it holds, it is a great investment.


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