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DNA RAW DATA REQUIRED FOR THIS PRODUCT; THIS IS NOT A DNA KIT; THE BEST SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH: Our scientific team has curated from several thousand scientific research articles to bring you the best and most relevant genetic report.; Includes Nutrition, Fitness, Health, Allergy and Skin reports

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Had a bit of a struggle in the beginning re sending them the raw data but they were very helpful and prompt in their responses. Received the five comprehensive reports in less than 24 hours. Altogether about 75 pages of easily accessible and pleasantly presented analysis of my DNA traits and tendencies. Very useful and actionable information. Highly recommended.
I was very impressed with this test. The results were way more in detail a test I took from a different company. I have always had digestion issues and now I have a better understanding of what I should and shouldn't eat. I also tested high for Misophonia(which by the way I have never heard of before this test) which is a sensitivity to certain noises and that is very true for me! I would definitely recommend this test!S. Bisek, USA
Ancestry report is completely inaccurate for European DNA... Based on lack of several reference populations, I was assigned large percentages of ancestry that just do not make any sense. I've run the same 23andMe raw data through GEDMatch, DNA Land, ImputeMe, interpretome, and MyHeritage, and this is the only analysis which deviates greatly in admixture results from all of the others and is in complete disagreement with my known heritage. I will be filing a complaint with PayPal and request for refund as I purchased directly through their Web site.
It was very easy to upload my raw dna file and I got the reports back within 24 hours, as promised. I can be a bit of a hypochondriac, so I was nervous to see the results, but my fears were put to rest as I saw low/average susceptibility to all of the bigger health concerns. It was worth it for peace of mind alone, and I imagine if I did find higher susceptibility to something it would have been very helpful to discuss with my doctor. The reports are very detailed, easy to read and understand, and well organized. These are not the end all be all in terms of profiling my health, but they were fun and helped pinpoint areas to look out for. There were a couple of items where the test confirmed things I already know (e.g., high likelihood for freckles, certain vitamin deficiencies, allergy sensitives etc.), which boosted my perception of the validity of the rest of the results. A worthwhile purchase! - McCoy, USA
Reports were clear and informative. I didn't know the level of detail that could be obtained by my DNA data. The one thing I wish there were more of were something that could help support or substantiate their claims to what was reported. What research is there that supports this method of analysis and how we can find out more about it; hopefully I can find that info somewhere on their site.-Anderson, US
Once I sorted out which Genes for Good Genotypes raw data file I needed to upload, the process was user friendly with reports available within 24 hours as promised. I purchased the super pack and found the reports to be informative using the data along with what I gleaned from my reports from Promethease. My physician used the reports as a basis to order further testing. I highly recommend.….Linzer, USA
Great insight for the price. I did this with all 3 of my 23andme dna, used the raw data to see what it says. Allergy pretty close. but remember not medical advice. Really good tho!
I purchased these separately but found the reports interesting enough to make me want to research more. For the price, I felt as though I was given a lot of great nuggets of information. It's important to note that these are simply correlations and your individual circumstances will likely vary.

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Xcode Life Raw Data Analysis

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