DNA Raw Data Upload for Ancestry DNA: 5 Reports for $50 (Nutrition+ Fitness+ Health + Allergy+ Skin)

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COMPREHENSIVE GENETIC REPORT: This is the most popular offering from Xcode Life Sciences and includes all five reports based on your 23andme data or Ancestry DNA or Family Tree DNA data. You will receive the following five reports: Gene Nutrition, Gene Fitness, Gene Allergy, Gene Skin and Gene...

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Totally worth it! Its the only service that provides detailed genealogical analysis within Indian subcontinent. They also provided extremely detailed report about genetic risk factors associated with various diseases. Nutrition and exercise recomendations were also extremely valuable. I will recommend it to anyone who is looking for something more than a mere outline.
Living in the United States, I know I don’t live the healthiest lifestyle. I ordered the Xcode Life Best Seller Pack to get some insight on how to change that. I was more than pleased. There are other companies that allow you to upload your raw DNA, but none of them offer such a comprehensive and easy to follow breakdown as Xcode Life. I was able to look it over in minutes and determine what foods I need to avoid, what vitamins to add to my diet and what exercises would work best for me based on my personalized genetic data. I would highly recommend this product for anyone who wants a better understanding of their DNA makeup.
Great experience. Quick turnaround, easy to read and comprehend results. The best of all the analysis companies I've tried. A cut above the rest.NelsonUSA

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