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I am a semi-retired research physician in an area unrelated to genetic. I bought the kit because it is not subject to US limitations of evaluation and interpretation. I will try to write more later when I have more time to absorb and study the large volume of information the results provide.Like other reviewers said, the sellers are both friendly and responsive to emails. Unusual these days. There was no return label in my kit but they responded within a day with a printer-friendly label, detailed instructions and information for scheduling a DHL pickup at my door during a time window I selected. Wow!Results took about 3 weeks. The report is very long, very complete, beautifully organized once you get used to it, and absolutely fascinating. I have much more of it to study but right off the bat, it picked up two prominent traits I have, identified a number of conditions I know from blood and other tests that I am prone to and much more. It also listed significantly absent traits and conditions and was correct there as well about items I know. It does not seem at all like coincidence and I am very skeptical by nature (no, it did not pick THAT up -- yet).Anyway, the test seems to be a good value, the sellers seem competent, helpful, involved and concerned and the whole thing is much more fun than knowing my ethnic makeup though I will probably try that too :-). I recommend this. It will get better and better with time. At present they provide the benefit of new research when it happens. I hope that continues.Edited to add: when I asked the Tellmegen people for the "raw data" in format suitable for Promethease ( ) analysis, these folks emailed it within a day! And it worked perfectly. For most people, the analysis that comes with the standard results will be more than enough. But it's nice to know you can can get a downloaded file suitable for Promethease and other systems as well.I am not finding it difficult but it does take time to get past the result summary and into more detail. And you have to be careful. For example, I have an "SNP" (single nucleotide polymorphism -- don't worry about it, think of it as a gene) -- anyway one of mine references prostate cancer at a high likelihood level. But it doesn't say it's about the incidence of prostate cancer but rather about the severity of it *if* one gets it. Another SNP reflects the probability of getting the disease and that one is low. Be sure to read the results carefully and if in doubt ask an expert.In fact, if you find something which worries you, you may want to obtain genetic counseling either on line (the tellmegen web site offers it) or from a counselor near you. And while an SNP which predisposes to an unpleasant condition is worrisome, pay attention to the usual disclaimer which says that genetics are only a part of the determinants for a condition or disease. Many other factors, such as environment and life style and just luck also play a large part.I am just starting to study my report and it is already very interesting and useful. Also, it's early to tell, but it called out correctly my most prominent health problems. That gives me more confidence. It will also cause me to ask for certain medical tests before I would otherwise have. All really cool stuff which reminds me of the movie Gattaca but of course in a good way!I really recommend this test and the helpful people who provide it. The technology is neither mature nor complete but it can be very useful already and it sure is fun.
I can't comment on the actual test results because I didn't get that far. I ordered this for my son, to compare to my results from 23andme and my parents' results from Ancestry, but I ended up returning the kit because of the account set up requirements. TellmeGen is based in Spain and requires a drivers license or passport number for adults; to set up an account for a minor, it requires an upload of a "child ID card to verify paternity" and a "parent ID card to verify paternity." I'm not entirely sure what those are and my emails to the company to inquire didn't actually answer that question (birth certificate for the child? Drivers license for the parent? Passport?). I've had my identity stolen, so I inquired about security and the potential for identity theft as well, and the company did respond to that. Here is their reply:****We perfectly understand your concern.It is necessary to provide this documentation by law in Europe and the USA.With respect to security, we have 3 security barriers.1) The platform with the data are in the Microsoft cloud services. We have the security that Microsoft itself provides2) An external company encrypts and monitors all connections to the platform. This company works for large logistics, telecommunications, etc. It works around the world.3) Within the platform itself, in tellmeGen we have dissociated the genetic and personal data and encrypted this data. So if one part is obtained, the other can't be obtained.*****Since this is an optional test, I chose not to take the risk of connecting my son's papers with his genetic information, even with the layered security system they describe. Amazon was incredibly gracious and offered to refund the cost of the test even though we'd already opened it and started the process. Hopefully this will help others avoid the situation.
I have just received my results from tellmegen and I’m very excited to review it. I had trouble initially registering my account. I sent an email and got a response back immediately. When does that ever happen? Very pleased with their quick response. My results have come back sooner than I expected. I can highly recommend this product and company so far. I’m hoping to be able to identify why I have so many mysterious symptoms that nobody can figure out!
After comparing several tests available on Amazon, I opted for this because of the large number of diseases it shows. I find much more useful information than knowing my ancestors (this kit does not offer such service, a pity), but in that aspect tellmegen has no rival .. It has helped me a lot to understand how I am and what body type I have, what things I tolerate better and which ones should take more care, which is always an advantage.In my opinion, the best thing is that the information is updated for free as new advances in medicine are emerging and that is only offered by this company.The kit arrived in perfect conditions as can be seen in the photos.To put a negative note, the process of sending the sample may be a bit slow, but from what I have seen, they follow the same mechanism as the other companies in the sector.

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