DNAFit DNA Test Kit: Personalized Exercise + Nutrition Plans (Diet Fitness Pro 360) Powered by Helix

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Diet Fitness Pro 360 tells you about your genetic response to carbohydrates, saturated fats, lactose, alcohol, and caffeine.; You’ll also learn what your genetics suggest about your intake of antioxidants, omega-3 fats, vitamin B, and vitamin D; Work with a trained dietician or fitness coach to...

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I'm an avid endurance cyclist in mountain, road and gravel disciplines. Have been riding long distance for over 10 years, and was curious about how my genetic makeup would size up for training, recovery & nutritional purposes.My kit arrived within two days after I ordered and the instructions to provide a saliva sample were easy to follow. Sent my kit to their San Diego lab the same day and received a confirmation they'd received it two days later.The instructions and confirmation email both clearly state that it will take 4-6 weeks to analyze your DNA sample. Sure enough, I received my results in about 5 weeks and logged in to the DNAfit for my results. It was a little confusing because the DNAfit website is a separate site from Helix page you originally signed in with and requires a different password. No big deal - just setup a new password and you're good to go.Once I received the results and login, I was given the following analysis results:1. Fitness - personal exercise & fitness response2. Nutrition - personal diet & nutrition response3. Muscle Builder Plan - genetically-guided training4. Fat Burner Plan5. Meal Planner - genetically-guided nutrition6. My infographic - genetic summary7. Startline Elite Athletic Benchmark Analysis Database - Comparison to other elite athletes genetic profiles (this one carries a $10 surcharge).The nutrition results were very thorough and impressive. Some of the information I was already aware of, such as genetic sensitivity to caffeine and increased need for Vitamin D; however, I was very impressed with other recommendations, such as a raised in Omega-3, B6 and B12 supplementation, which has made a significant difference in my focus and alertness at work. Was also unaware that I had a predisposed raised response to carbohydrate sensitivity, which explains why I feel sluggish if I chow down on pancakes before a big ride!The fitness results were also surprising. Under my power/endurance response, I thought for certain I'd be more prone to endurance, but in fact, I'm predisposed to a slightly greater (53%) power response. This makes sense as I've consistently been a solid power climber and sprinter as opposed to a long mountain climber, and usually start to tire after about 6 hours/100 miles of riding. The fitness result also let me know I'm genetically predisposed to a slower recovery and that Omega-3 supplementation is recommended to help expedite the process. I've now been taking Omega-3 flax oil for a month and have noticed the supplementation has helped with cramping and recovery after longer 3-5 hour rides. Very happy with these results.My analysis also let me know that I have a higher than average risk of soft tissue injury. While I understand that this is a guideline, I can honestly say in years of training, I cannot recall ever have issues with soft tissue injuries. I've had cramping, soreness and tolerable pain associated with endurance training and racing, but can't say that I'd agree with this assessment based on my personal experience.I have not toyed with the meal planner or Startline elite athletic performance benchmarking yet, though will likely pay $10 for the latter because it's a modest fee for relevant further analysis and looks promising.All in all, I'm very satisfied with the information & results I received, and it exceeded my expectations in terms of analysis & timeliness. Looking forward to implementing more of the nutritional and training suggestions based on genetic makeup and seeing if the results are as progressive as the changes I've already made based on the feedback provided above.Overall, a worthwhile and informative product - my mom even got one based on my feedback.
I ordered this for my husband as a gift for his birthday in January. He completed the test per the directions immediately and sent it in to the company. It is now April and we have no results. We inquired about the lack of results and DNA fit basically washed their hands of it saying we need to talk to Helix, the company doing the genetic testing. Helix said it takes 6-8 weeks for the testing then they will send it to DNA fit. Yesterday, almost 11 weeks to the day from sending the sample, we got an email stating the sample wasn't good and we needed to send another. I would like a refund but DNA fit says that we have to go through Helix for that which I don't understand. So we are stuck at the moment with nothing. No way to get a refund and no idea what is going on as far as getting another sample to the company. I would not recommend either company to anyone!
I was expecting much more specific feedback with am exercise and diet plan
The results are not personalized, completely dissatisfied
I'm very sensitive to carbohydrates and this test confirmed that. I'm still working my way though it. Very interesting.
Overpriced for the little bit of information you get.
I had my DNA test done with 23andme and uploaded my data to DNAfit who provided me with a complete exercise and nutrition plan based on me as an individual.I can’t change my genes but I can stayed focused on controlling the epigenetic variables. This has been the perfect tool surrounding diet, supplementation, and exercise. The one-on-one consultation was also very informative!!!
I used to pay $400/month for a personal trainer. Well this could never replace Peter yelling at me to power through that final rep, it does tell me things that Peter never could, like my genetic response to strength training vs endurance activities, or my risk of injury.

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DNAFit DNA Test Kit: Personalized Exercise + Nutrition Plans (Diet Fitness Pro 360) Powered by Helix

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  • Diet Fitness Pro 360 tells you about your genetic response to carbohydrates, saturated fats, lactose, alcohol, and caffeine.
  • You'll also learn what your genetics suggest about your intake of antioxidants, omega-3 fats, vitamin B, and vitamin D
  • Work with a trained dietician or fitness coach to optimize your diet and training program, based on your DNA. You'll receive a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation to review your DNAFit results.

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