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Easy DNA Genetic Test Review 

Conclusively, the Easy DNA genetic predisposition test was well detailed and easy to understand. It is, therefore, the most reliable genetic health test on the market.

But I think Easy DNA didn’t provide enough information about the limitations of the test on their website before I purchased it. And the description made me believe that I would be counseled on how to reduce my high risk which was not the case. They told me it would take just four weeks to receive my results after sending my sample. Much to my disappointment, I got it after eight and a half weeks.

You can find a similar test to purchase from other providers, so I would advise you evaluate the options available before settling for the genetic predisposition test from Easy DNA.


The Easy DNA offers several forms of DNA tests. But I took the ‘Genetic Predisposition Health DNA Test’ so I could be informed about the health challenges I’m likely to suffer from later in life.


I was told that by taking their test, I would be informed about my chances of suffering from 25 significant diseases. The preventive measures I could choose to reduce my risk. According to specifications on the website, my DNA would be tested for Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs). And this would reveal the chances I’m exposed to which will be compared subsequently with that of the entire population.

I was thereafter advised to discuss my results with a doctor as soon as I get them. I found a sample report on the site, and it was so helpful. And I also found a link to genetic counsel advice as well.


I had no hassle while purchasing the test, getting the order form and completing it. And I was told via an email that I would get my results four weeks after my sample was received. I received the sample kit in a post two days later.

To get my sample ready, I had to use a tiny device to pierce my finger. And I splashed a little drop of blood on the sample card. Piercing my finger was painful and not for the faint-hearted. I sent the sample card but got no confirmation that the lab received it until after four and a half weeks. And the confirmation email informed me that I would receive the results after another four weeks. Eventually, they mailed me a PDF document of about 34 pages.


SNPs was again explained at the top of the document. Which was mutations in my DNA that shows my level of risk towards developing certain kind of diseases. It was also explained that mutations are only sought in cases whereby it was inherited by more than 1% of the population. I was told that the test was meant to serve as a predictive tool. Hence, I should speak with a doctor if I have any health challenges.


My risk associated with 25 conditions identified by the Easy DNA website was listed on a table. The result indicated I had a high genetic risk for five diseases, medium genetic risk for 10 and low genetic risk for the ten left.

The high genetic results were identified for type 2 diabetes, psoriasis, lupus, Grave’ disease and atrial fibrillation. It became clear to me that my lifetime disease was significantly higher than that of the entire population.

The chances that I would suffer from medium risks conditions were about 10% to 30%. There were two-lifetime risks that were unusually high, they were Coronary heart disease which was 51% of the lifetime risk, and osteoarthritis; which was 40.9% of the lifetime risk. I compared these risk to the average and discovered that it was almost the same. Hence, we all have the equal chances of suffering from these conditions. This knowledge was of much relief to me.

I was happy to discover that my lifetime risk of suffering from coronary heart disease was a medium risk and not high because my paternal grandfather died from a heart attack in his 60’s. Aside from these, it was specified that about 57% of everyone’s risk of coronary heart disease was determined genetically. In spite of this, about 43% is still a result of environmental factors.

One of the low genetic risks I had was Alzheimer’s disease (3.3% lifetime risk). And this was a relief because my grandfather had the disease in his 80’s as well.


Each of the 25 diseases was assigned to its page. And each page explained briefly how the condition was prevalent. It also indicated my lifetime risk in comparison to the entire population, a table that showed the various genetic markers that were examined, and a chart that described how the genetic and the environmental factors influence the risk.

I found this section particularly helpful because it enabled me to look up the diseases that were somewhat new to me and critically review the results for the lifetime risk I’m likely exposed to.


The Genetic Predisposition test from Easy DNA was a detailed one. And one of the best the industry has to offer. The test limitations were not communicated effectively before purchase. And according to the description, I thought I would get some tips regarding my “high” risk, but I couldn’t get any. I wasn’t happy about the delay in my result which came about eight and a half weeks after I sent out my sample and I was told that it would take just four weeks.

You can get similar test packages from other providers, so weigh all options available before opting for this genetic predisposition test from Easy DNA.


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