Family Tree DNA FTDNA Raw Data Upload: For $50 Get a Comprehensive Personalized Nutrition, Fitness, Skin, Allergy and Health reports powered by Xcode Life.

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COMPREHENSIVE GENETIC REPORT: This is the most popular offering from Xcode Life Sciences and includes all five reports based on your 23andme data or Ancestry DNA or Family Tree DNA data. You will receive the following five reports: Gene Nutrition, Gene Fitness, Gene Allergy, Gene Skin and Gene...

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My DNA raw data is from the University of Michigan's, Gene's For Good research study. Before purchasing I asked Xcode Life if they would be able to process Gene's for Good raw data and James e-mailed back immediately to say it wouldn't be a problem. The reports exceeded my expectations, they are easy to understand, give good explanations and provide actionable steps that can be taken to improve health.
Had them read my raw data on my 23andme report. I was very interested in finding out about the MTHFR gene. So glad I did it!

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