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Fitness Genes Genetic Test Review

Fitness Genes is a genetic testing company that focusses on providing fitness and diet advice from DNA testing

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Fitness Genes Genetic Testing: Review

I have always been interested in personal fitness; I have trained professionally for close to ten years as a bodybuilder and I had always been intrigued by the effect genetics has on muscle gain and body type.

This test provided great insight into the way my genetic makeup affected by gaining habits and body type and also provided recommendations on the most appropriate workout regimens and the optimum dietary and nutritional habits that would help me achieve the best possible results from my training.

I think the test managed to provide a solid scientific basis for its results, although I had to look up some of the definitions of the words and got a bit lost in the technicality of it, the parts I understood seemed firmly based on scientific fact.

In summary, the test exceeded my expectations, providing nutritional and workout tips while explaining the scientific basis behind my issues with adequate muscle gain.

Fitness Genes Genetic Test: Full Review

The Fitness Genes Company was founded by a group of doctors in the year 2013. They did this with the hope of studying the effect that genetics played on personal fitness and providing an individualized test, showing people the genetic basis of exercise and tailoring workout plans to the results of the genetic tests.

Product Expectations 

Honestly, prior to finding out about the test, I had struggled with weight gain during bulking up. No matter what I did or ate — protein shakes, carefully crafted meal plans, reduction in activity, I never seemed to be able to gain the amount of weight I needed. A look at their website showed some options and provided information as to what exactly they entailed. I was more interested in the ‘build muscle’ goal which also came along with a DNA analysis test.

Ordering Experience 

I selected the ‘build muscle’ goal, and Information was provided about the way to order, provide DNA sample, and how it would be processed and delivered to me. All in all, ordering was a pretty straightforward experience:

I provided the required personal information as well as the means of payment (they offered options of PayPal, Visa or Amex). Yeah terms and conditions section was interesting, but ultimately also routine as it specified that I could opt out of any use of my genetic material by any third party.

The sample collection for the DNA test was virtually painless through the use of a mouth swab, and after I had filled out the attached questionnaire, I send it back (free shipping, yay) to the company for the analysis and delivery of my results.

The Results

The total time taken from the collection of the DNA sample to the receipt of my results was, all things considered, less than a week. I found this especially impressive since it was quicker than the time that they had estimated that I’d receive it. I had to provide log in details before I saw my results, a security measure which I strongly agreed with. The results were displayed in three sections, the DNA results, workout and the nutritional guide.

DNA Results

Wow. They provided A LOT of information in this section. Honestly, I was a bit intimidated by how technical and almost obsessively throrough it was, but then I chalked it up to attention to detail and left it at that.

I learned that I had a body type that responded to training by building strong, lean muscle, and not necessarily the big guns that I had always wanted. This made me perfect for exercises or activities that required endurance, but would not necessarily lead to the big, bulky muscles that I desired.

I’m leaving out some of the more techical results (myostatin, hypertrophy etc) that I got, but I suffice it to say that I was fully satisfied by the results in this section.


Based on the results of the DNA analysis, I hoped to be offered practical, knowledge based advice on how to take advantage of it in my workouts, and the test did not disappoint.

I was given a workout plan tailored to my muscle gaining requirements, with a seven day combination of various workout activities along with a video demonstration of each exercise. It was gratifying just how much detail was provided in the workout, and I’m looking forward to implementing these and seeing the effect they have on my quest to gain muscle.

Nutrition Guide

This was easily my favorite part of the results section. The nutritional guide was very user friendly and provided information in a very easy to understand format. It showed me the proper combination of foods I should be eating, as well as the number of calories I should aim for in each meal. I was stunned by the difference between my current diet and the recommended plan, turns out I hadn’t been eating appropriately for my stated goal.

The daily meal planner and the nutrition recommendations all advised that I eat more frequently, with an added emphasis on protein based foods. I was also encouraged to snack frequently as my daily calorie intake seemed to be significantly less than my expenditure, which was responsible for my inability to gain much muscle mass.


In conclusion, this test provided insight and practical tips on how I could take advantage of my genetic make up to further by body building goals. I was impressed by the scientific basis from which they drew their conclusions as well as the practical tips provided on how I was to use nutrition and exercise to achieve the body of my dreams with the aid of my personalized genetic traits.


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