Food Allergy DNA Test Kit for Food Sensitivity

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Do caffeine, milk, or alcohol make a difference in how you feel? MightyDNA test genes that can help you determine which foods you may want to avoid or limit in your diet. Are you inclined to like (or dislike) certain foods? Discover which foods may be beneficial, what you should potentially...

User reviews

I like the test kit, it's simple and easy to do. the saliva swab is so much easier than the spit type . I hate spitting for 5 minutes to fill a tube, but with this swab, you just swab inside of your cheek and done. I got the results back after about two weeks, it does show that I have a high probability of lactose intolerance from the genes that they tested, which I have suspected all along as whoever I drink milk, it would give me gas. This test just confirms it for me and way cheaper than going to see a doctor. I wished i tested for this 20 years ago.
The KIT was very simple and super easy to do. Seller made it very convenient. Takes less than 10 minutes. I did this Food kit out of curiosity. I bought the Obesity one for myself, but I just figure this "food" one could be related.Nice email report to share/save/print out for reference AFTER the seller takes your swab and runs testing.

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