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Found My Fitness Genetic Test Review

Dr Rhonda Patrick is the Founder of FoundMyFitness. This doctor with a PhD in biomedical science from the University of Tennessee has added to her expertise by training in the capacity of a postdoctoral fellow at Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute. With extensive research and published articles on varying medical subjects such as cancer, inflammation, metabolism, DNA disintegration, nutrition and aging; Dr Rhonda Patrick has multiple credits to her name.

Product Expectations

The FoundMyFitness online platform had a clinical layout and delivered a streamlined user experience. From the information I gathered on the website; it was pretty apparent that Dr Rhonda was primarily involved in spreading awareness about genetics. The site was replete with podcasts, videos and informational articles that support my assumption. One can find links on the website that lead to Dr Rhonda’s YouTube channel and her iTunes podcast alongside links to the social media pages for FoundMyFitness.

The FoundMyFitness report came at the cost of a pay-what-you-can donation with a recommended minimum of $10 for an extensive health report. Additionally; the site features links to a subscription service for Patreon and FoundMyFitness with the option of donating a once a month amount or making a single donation to take advantage of Dr Rhonda’s gene based health reporting services. It apparent that the website runs on donations and regular donors have access to benefits such as early updates.

The ‘Genetics’ tab on the website led me to the knowledge that genetic variants have a bearing on the manner and rate at which my body utilizes, absorbs and processes nutrients and my body’s ability to eliminate carcinogens and foreign substances that find their way into my system. I learned that genetic variants combined with environmental influences have a bearing on my vulnerability to illness and also have an impact on my life expectancy.

The FAQs section of the ‘Genetics’ page provided insight into the fact that my report  majorly relied on scientific studies without accounting for personal medical history or environmental, dietary, microbial or lifestyle impacts. This meant that while my report was largely accurate; it wasn’t 100% so.

It also came to my attention that my report would be explanatory for genetic functions, the influence of my genotype on genetic functions and the bearing that these factors have on my vulnerability to varying diseases.

According to my genotype; my report would come with recommendations for lifestyle changes that could substantially decrease my disease risk. It was made clear that these recommendation couldn’t be construed as medical advice.

From what I gathered here; Dr Patrick’s report would emphasize most on genes that are consequential in regards to health and wellness. I also learned that my report was subject to revision and the information in my report was valid for up to 30 days.

Information contained in the Comprehensive Report extensively included all genetic variants utilized in reports such as the ‘APOE Genotype’ report and ‘PPAR Genotypes’ report. This information provided insights into variants and polymorphisms that played an active role in the vitamin D, fatty acids and omega-3 metabolism processes; alongside insights into vitamin B12 absorption and the breakdown and emission of harmful composites and carcinogens, saturated fat breakdown, and my genetic vulnerability for heart disease.

Ordering Experience

I had to commence with the  creation a FoundMyFitness account to be able to  gain access to the Comprehensive Report. The requirements for creating an account involved coming up with a username and password and furnishing my email address.

After providing the requisites; I received an email at the registered email address to indicate that my account was ready and all I had to do was click on a confirmation link within the email to access my comprehensive report.

With “Never” being an option; the email allowed me to select time periods within which I would receive notifications for community updates and news emails from FoundMyFitness.

Additionally; I was allowed to link my FoundMyFitness account to my 23andMe account; owing to the fact that 23andMe collected genetic data that was acceptable for FoundMyFitness.

A click on the “Connect with 23andMe” tab took me to a page wherein I was directed to put in the email and password details that were correlating to my 23andMe account. This was followed up by a permission request for access to my 23andMe account by FoundMyFitness. Giving my go-ahead would mean; FoundMyFitness could access and analyse my genomic data and also my full name, email address and my 23andMe profile service variation (health and ancestry or simply ancestry).

I failed to find tabs for FoundMyFitness’s privacy policy page while on the website which led to some doubt about security and of the additional uses of my data apart from health reporting. At this point; I went ahead and granted access to FoundMyFitness with the belief that this was a credited and reputed site.

On attempting to run the Comprehensive Report; I got a look at Terms of Service; the acceptance of which was a prerequisite for access to the report. It was at this point that I was presented with the fact that using a third party genetic service (i.e. FoundMyFitness), meant adding yet another layer of reporting vulnerable to errors. In other words; errors in my raw data would accumulate along with inaccuracies in the comprehensive report and the first would have an impact on the latter.

Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions was my acknowledgement of these inaccuracies and its impact on my Comprehensive Report; which would need to be verified independently along with the “strong advice” to confer with an appropriate  medical professional on the contents of the report.

Additionally; I was agreeing to waive all liabilities for 23andMe, FoundMyFitness and other FoundMyFitness related entities for any and all damages arising from the use of the website. Accepting the Terms of Service granted me access to my report in an instant along with a nudge for a small donation.

The Results

A PDF file containing the Comprehensive Report was emailed to me. Additionally; I had access to the report online for the next 30 days.

Results Section: Comprehensive Report – Noteworthy Genes

I commenced with the investigations into my Comprehensive Report in PDF format which started with a table detailing my genetic variants that had a bearing on my health.

Details included functions of particular genes listed in the table, the nature of my genetic variant and the impact my genetic variant had on gene function.

My genotypes of consequence were listed at the top. As can be seen in the image above; I was notified that my variant of the SH2B3 gene came with increased risk of celiac disease which results in gluten intolerance.

I was provided with a reference of my specific genetic variant (rs3184504), and I got to know from the report that my genotype was T;T. A link to SNPedia; provided more information on the subject.

From personal knowledge; I do not show symptoms of celiac disease but I do not discount the chances of developing this ailment at a later stage due to my genotype.

The report did state that environmental factors and inaccuracies needed to be considered. As such; I did not dwell on this aspect of the report.

The variant in my GSTP1 gene meant that vitamin E may result in adverse impacts on my health, the version of the FTO gene associated with a 1.7-fold increase in obesity risk owing to the negative effect of saturated fat on my blood glucose and insulin levels; were other noteworthy conclusions of the Comprehensive Report.

Additionally; it was brought to my knowledge that my genetic makeup exposed me to the risk for vitamin D deficiency, which could be translated as a shorter lifespan and higher “all-cause” mortality in my case. My takeaway here was that I was prone to mortality caused by disease at any age.

When I saw that certain genes such as FTO, were listed more than a few times I was confused but it came that I had more than a few variants within the same gene (i.e. more than one of the alleles that made up the gene had mutated). The bad news was that not one of my mutations within the FTO gene had a positive impact on my health as they increased the risk of obesity and type-2 diabetes.

Results Section: Comprehensive Report – Less Noteworthy Genes

In my case the pertaining to my “Less noteworthy” gene variations were less bad news and easier to read.

In my case; my variants of the TF and HFE genes (as shown in the image above) resulted in normal iron levels and in no way contributed to my risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Additionally; I discovered that a single variant in my CYP2R1 gene did not add to my risk of vitamin D deficiency, contrary to “noteworthy” section wherein I’d discovered the presence of another variant in the same gene that increased my risk of vitamin D deficiency. I guess the two balance things out.

I was  predisposed to normal fat metabolism owing to my copy of the PPAR alpha gene. This was good news and I hope that this gene lessens my risk for obesity contrary to what was suggested by my other results.


My Comprehensive Report was truly comprehensive with adequate information on specific genes and variations in my genome alongside links to research.

I concur that Dr Rhonda Patrick, the author of my report was as reliable as possible; owing to her excellent credentials and her extensive  knowledge on the subject, made apparent by her multiple podcasts and videos cantered around genetics.

The language in the reports was laden with scientific terminology. However, the report was presented and explained in a manner that makes it comprehensible to a layman. For a pay-what-you-can service; I got quite a lot in terms of reliable and extensive information relating to my genetic makeup.

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