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Futura Genetics Review

Futura Genetics is a company that is revolutionizing the genetic testing industry. Based in Canada, with headquarters in Vancouver, it is committed to arming individuals and organizations with an adequate knowledge of the human genome. Specifically, they are involved in lifestyle and healthcare genetic testing. They seek to equip people with the requisite knowledge in a simple, easy to understand, yet affordable way.

Futura Genetics is one company that is taking advantages of the massive gains in the field of DNA. Futura Genetics seeks to maximize the fact that more people now have access to information of DNA and genetics. The scientific gains in the study of DNA sequencing have lowered the cost of DNA extraction. This is making it easier for Futura Genetics to improve the DNA testing process and make it more accurate and rewarding.

Futura Genetics Test Process:

The process for DNA testing with Futura Genetics is quite simple and easy. Below are the steps for Futura Genetics direct to customer DNA test.

  • Create an order: This is the first step to take to enjoy the benefits that Futura Genetics provide. You can conveniently make an order on Futura Genetics website. When your order is received, Futura Genetics will send the DNA testing kit to the provided address. Shipping is express and free
  • Collection of sample for DNA testing: There is a container that accompanies the kit. This container is meant to collect your saliva sample. Rather than drawing blood, Futura Genetics have found saliva to be a great alternative.
  • Register your kit: You can easily register your kit on Futura website. Login to the personal account you have created with us. On your profile, click on the “register your kit” button. When loaded, it will lead you to a page where you can input all your details. The 8 digit code requested can be found on the collection tube that comes with the kit.
  • Return the kit to us: When you are done with the registration of your kit (after you have collected the saliva sample), you are now ready to send it back to them. Futura Genetics will come to you for collection. Just login to your account again and request for the collection. Futura Genetics will send a courier for the pick up at no extra charge to you. You will be notified with an email when Futura Genetics receive the kit.
  • The final report: The process ends with the preparation of the report. The process usually takes about 28 days (four weeks). On your profile, you can monitor the status of your report. You will get a notification once your report is ready. The report can be shared with your physicians at your discretion. This will enable them to know your genetic make-up and aid them when dealing with some certain health conditions.

Why Choose Futura Genetics?

Futura Genetics core competency is that it allows its customers to explore certain parts of their personal DNA puzzle: the exotic and the psychological parts. Other reasons why Futura Genetics are the best choice include:

  • Futura Genetics labs are certified. Futura Genetics have the CLIA, ISO 9001 and the ISO 15189 certification.
  • 15 years’ experience in DNA testing
  • Error free tests with 100% accuracy
  • Futura Genetics tests cut across 28 genetic diseases and genetic conditions
  • Futura Genetics ship to any part of the world
  • Free shipping
  • Their results are detailed
  • Quick delivery
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Consumer focused privacy policy


Futura Genetics currently offers just one test at the price of 375$ for customers from the US and Canada or 339 EUR for European customers. The test is designed to determine the genetic predisposition factors for developing one of 28 different diseases and conditions.

Futura Genetics have just a single DNA testing at the moment. This DNA testing cost $375(equivalent of 339EUR). The test covers genetic predisposition to some 28 disease conditions.

The testing protocol includes the following steps:

  • DNA analysis: After your DNA sample has been delivered by the courier company, they are isolated. When the DNA is detected and isolated, it is analyzed to get the genetic information on the DNA. They then proceed to use bioinformatics resources to examine your predisposition to some disease conditions. The bioinformatics tools will also detect if there are potential single nucleotide polymorphisms in the DNA.
  • PCR and DNA fragmentation: Polymerase chain reaction is used to amplify the DNA sample you provided. This is the process where the DNA molecules are replicated many times so that there are enough DNA molecules to detect APEX. PCR will ensure that there are a billion variety of every DNA molecule. This process is only employed in DNA regions that normally contain SNPs.
  • Apex Reaction: Apex rеасtiоn – Thiѕ is a сritiсаl ѕtер fоr ѕuссеѕѕfullу detecting SNPs. Hеrе, thе frаgmеntеd DNA mixturе iѕ trаnѕfеrrеd tо thе сhiр with сhеmiсаllу аttасhеd ѕinglе-ѕtrаndеd DNA mоlесulеѕ (аlѕо саllеd primers). The rеасtiоn mixturе соntаinѕ DNA ѕуnthеѕiѕ nuсlеоtidеѕ and 4 DNA tеrminаtоr nuсlеоtidеѕ with diffеrеnt fluоrеѕсеnt labels. Thе synthesis оf a DNA molecule stops once thе tеrminаtоr nuсlеоtidе iѕ inсоrроrаtеd into it. The рrосеѕѕ gеnеrаtеѕ an аrrау оf DNA frаgmеntѕ, еасh lаbеlеd with a diffеrеnt color..
  • Apex detection: Aреx dеtесtiоn – Fоr SNP detection, the lаbеlеd сhiрѕ are visualized in a Quаttrоimаgеr, whiсh iѕ equipped with lasers аnd a ѕресiаlizеd camera. Thе соlоr patterns аrе rесоrdеd there аnd then analyzed bу the Gеnоrаmа Gеnоtурing Software. This program “trаnѕlаtеѕ” the imаgеѕ into DNA ѕеԛuеnсе dаtа, whiсh is used tо dеtесt SNPs.
  • Data analysis and interpretation: Data analysis аnd interpretation – Uѕing thе ѕеԛuеnсе dаtа, thе presence оf potential SNPѕ is dеtеrminеd in DNA ѕесtiоnѕ rеlаtеd to сеrtаin diѕеаѕеѕ. This info iѕ then соmраrеd with previous knоwlеdgе in оrdеr tо compute the riѕk of dеvеlорing a сеrtаin соnditiоn or diѕеаѕе. Thiѕ is hоw yourfinal rероrt iѕ gеnеrаtеd, indiсаting thе рrеѕеnсе оf аnу SNPs аnd sequencing infоrmаtiоn.
  • Currently, their test can scan for 28 different diseases. Some of these include common diseases like migraine, obesity, prostate cancer, multiple sclerosis, lupus, Alzheimer’s, Type 1 and 2 diabetes amongst others.

Privacy And Security

Part of Futura Genetics commitment to you and the value they place on your information is its privacy policy. Futura Genetics will not make your information public to anyone. This (release of information) can only be done in some certain cases:

  • When it is needed by genetic experts to screen your DNA sample and generate your report
  • In the event that Futura Genetics purchase or make a sale of business assets
  • Third party acquisition
  • Legal requirement
  • If you permit them to do so

Futura Genetics have a team of experts who are working with them in and outside Europe. While all your data are stored within the EEA, processing it and generating the report may be done by employees outside of the EEA. This might grant them access to your information. Nevertheless, the company has a SSL data exchange protection that ensures that even when your data is transferred, they are safe.

However, Futura Genetics state that there is no absolute guarantee that a possible breach won’t happen. But like Futura Genetics do in all areas, they will do their best to ensure your data is safe.

As part of Futura Genetics commitment to data security, Futura Genetics ensure that your sample DNA is completely destroyed once the work on it is done. Also, when you contact them for certain personal information, Futura Genetics have a process that ensures your data is safe. Futura Genetics don’t process private information request on phone or mail. Futura Genetics will first take your8 digit code, your order no, email id and your name to validate that it is you Futura Genetics are dealing with.

Shipping And Handling

Futura Genetics ship the DNA kit to you for free through its dedicated courier company partner. When you are done, the courier company (DPD) will also be responsible for picking up your DNA sample at request. Neither of the two shipping is at your cost. Futura Genetics provide complete free and convenient shipping. Futura Genetics will not wait for you to return the kit; they will come to you to get it.

Futura Genetics offer worldwide shipping from 8am to 6pm on Mondays through Fridays.

Bottom Line

Futura Genetics provides excellent service when it comes to DNA testing. Though we have to reject the claim that they are the pioneer in this field, we must admit they offer excellent service. They are not new in term of testing DNA and using the test for determining possibility of genetic diseases and conditions. However, we must commend their efforts especially when it comes to free shipping.

Apart from the free shipping, they have a team of dedicated and experienced staff.


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