MiaDNA Genetic Home DNA Test Kit for Diet & Nutrition ! Leverage personal genetic testing to uncover your dietary profile and body response to food! Diet plan tailored for you with genetic analysis!

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Genetic assessment designed to assist you in choosing the optimal Diet & Nutrition plan for you! Discover which foods you should be eating, your food sensitivities, and nutrients consumption. Use state of the art and affordable personal genetic health testing; We invite you to discover what...

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Received the swab kit and sent off for analysis. Took more time than expected to obtain results - but result doesn't change - DNA is the same! Was kept informed at every stage of the process. The report issued via email had good summary of the results, an summary explanation of the overall tests. It is followed by individual commentary and explanation of each analysis result in a very friendly readable format.I personal found it interesting and confronting - confirming a lot of theories I've had about myself and discovering some interesting information too!I've now progressed to also do the fitness and wellness analysis finding them all of use.I was keenly interested in what sort of exercise, general day to day activities and nutritional activities that would improve my lifestyle.It's my first DNA test and have a taste now for understanding and finding our even more!!
The results came back fast!
I chose the Diet & Nutrition DNA test.Got a very detailed report with a comprehensive explanation a recommended diet plan, what food to exchange for other in order to help me with changing my diet, and also a weekly diet meals menu.There are other sections that describe whether I am likely to be allergic to develop allergy or sensitivity to gluten and lactose.The entire report was eye opening.For example, I knew I like bitter food and drinks and now I got this confirmed by my DNA... So cool!
Patiently waited for my report. Very thorough and interesting. After the recommendation of it I will definitely look into it and do my best to follow the plan to see how my body will react to it.
Did this test awhile back, wanted to lose a few pounds after so many trials to lose weight. Got my report and consulted with my dietitian, and was able to lose 6 pounds after about 5 weeks. Followed my genetic report recommendation for a Low Fat Diet.
I was very impressed with the thoroughness of the results and also how clearly they were explained. As a Masters endurance athlete it's my goal to do all I can to fuel my body efficiently so I can continue to perform at a high level. Knowing things such as how likely I am to be gluten intolerant, what vitamins I may be predisposed to being deficient in, and what type of overall diet my body may respond to best (all of which were included in my results, amongst other info) should help me do just that. I am very pleased with my investment in this test.
Not worth the money
I like the general concept of following DNA markers to better understand and be aware of my body capabilities and limits. This kit and reports provides and designed in a way that makes this rather complex domain of knowledge into a simple set of practical advice's to follow and live by. The results were organized in a neat easy to read plot, and addressed meaningful aspects for my nutrition and eating habits regarding issues to be aware of such as reaction to foods such as containing lactose and gluten, vitamin lack concerns, salt sensitivity and more. Nevertheless it provided me practical tips to apply into my everyday lifestyle.

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