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Genetic assessment designed to assist you to reveal Your Child's Potential. Understand what makes you kid so unique, and become a better parent by enabling him to maximize his potential. Use state of the art and affordable personal genetic testing.; We invite you to learn how your children's...

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Kit came fast! Couldn’t have been any smoother and directions were clear and simple. Did this genetic test for my 3 kids. Was amazed to see the different results for each one of them, which helped me to work and focus on different aspects with each one of them. Highly Recommended!!!
These tests were great ! I was curious to see the genetic potential of my athlete son’s speed vs. endurance capacity and these tests helped shed light to that. In addition , the test pointed out that he would have a high probability to be near sighted so I paid close attention to this and ,sure enough , he needed glasses at age 12 . I was so satisfied that I ordered a test for each of my family members . Highly recommend
We purchased this kit for our two kids, out of curiosity.... and where happy to discover useful and practical information to take into acount. The system is user friendly and the information is presented in a rather simple way to understand as well as the option to refer into a deep overview of the DNA science the results are based on.
Did the test as I was curious to see how accurate it was. I was surprised at how accurate the results were. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in their genetic makeup. Quick delivery, easy setup and fast results

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