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I ordered this product through Amazon, and it was delivered before the promised delivery date, which was nice. The only hiccup I encountered was that the kit wouldn't register. I emailed the help desk in the morning, and late that afternoon, they asked for my name and the name of my vendor (Amazon). They apologized in a subsequent email that the kit wasn't properly activated, and set it up. You have to swab each cheek for 45 seconds, which is a lot longer than it seems. I mailed the kit and got a confirmation email from the company as soon as they received the swabs. The results were received promptly about a week and a half after they confirmed they got the test. When signing up, they offer "enhanced" results for another $100, but the website didn't explain what the benefit of knowing this additional information might be(identifies vitamin deficiencies in common vitamins which my doctor tests annually and the response of cholesterol to exercise with a coaching call from a nutritionist). You have access to your results for only 7 days after they are posted, so download a permanent copy when you get your results. The report is multiple pages long. I am not sure what it means to learn that my body processes caffeine rapidly (they don't provide this type of info), but I am happy to learn what type of exercise my body might respond to for weight loss, which was my primary reason for this purchase. The customer service was great, and the report is interesting.
Super interesting results. Very helpful and very detailed! I was surprised, as a low carb dieter struggling to lose weight, that I should be focused on eating low fat /Mediterranean diet instead. Will give that a try. Also helpful on the exercise suggestions. Appreciated the meal plan to boot! I would recommend and I’m buying a few as gifts.
FITIQ is incredibly secure and easy to use. I received the results much faster than I anticipated. I workout frequently, but don't have the best eating habits and used the results to make changes and adjust to an ideal diet and exercise plan. It was fun to learn how my body reacts to certain foods and exercise. I highly recommend it!
Great product, very useful information and customer service was excellent.
The results came back fast
This is exactly what I wanted for my eating habits and exercise program information that I think is vital
Great company..got my results and so happy I can do all the things to be healthier with my report!
The FiT iQTM kit was extremely simple to use, came with an easy to follow instructional pamphlet and return envelop. The information provided about the details of my individual genetic make up was very helpful in understanding how I can address my diet and health concerns. Looking forward to applying the information to fine tuning my exercise regiment. The results were easy to understand, and I think I may try some of the additional test kits offered by pathway genomics. Highly recommend giving the test a try.

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