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DNA Land Raw Data Analysis tool

DNA Land is an online tool that analyzes the DNA raw data from ancestry genetic testing companies like 23andMe and Ancestry DNA.

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  • DNA Land is mostly free.
  • They provide ancestry services and some health related traits.
  • Their results are largely inaccurate.
  • Weak privacy policy.
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DNA Land Review for raw data analysis


DNA Land: Full Review

DNA Land allows you to get informed when it comes to your DNA, and contribute to scientific study at the same time. It is an organization that operates without the motive of making a profit, and it partners with Colombia University and the New York Genome Center. They have recently associated with the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC in the USA) with an expectation to have a better knowledge on the genetic risks enabling scientists to get to the roots of breast cancer reaearch. DNA Land are completely open about their objectives and what they plan on achieving, and even if they are beginning, they have numerous ideas for updating their service in years to come.


DNA Land: Product expectations

I was very happy to send my information to DNA Land because I had heard most individuals giving them accolades on different Facebook groups and forums, genetic genealogy blogs, and for the service is free is also a great advantage. Since I am not a genetic genealogist doing extensive genealogy research, I just wanted to try out their service out of curiosity.

I then noticed that there is a ‘Find Relatives’ section that listed out other DNA Land clients and also points out the extent they are related to you. I would see the exact digit of DNA segments which I shared with other persons. Graphics would show the way my segments matches to those of individuals with the possibility that I’m related to them.

Also, there was a section called ‘Find relatives of relatives’ which performs exactly what you would want (I was expecting this to lead to a miracle in my family line study) and that there would be some ancestry statement that would provide me with a breakdown of my origin (I was expecting this to help me in confirming my ancestry).

Lastly, I also learned that there would be another section known as ‘Trait predictor’ which is divided into physical traits and wellness traits.

From going through the example outputs on the DNA Land website, I appreciated and liked the way the information is being laid out. Also, I noticed that the site is user-friendly and this can be very relevant when the subject matter becomes complicated!


DNA Land: Online registration

As soon as I had keyed in my password and email address as part of the registration procedure, the site (DNA Land site) gave me a breakdown on many areas of its service. The raw data upload process was handled with due consideration to my privacy concerns. I learned that accepting to make use of the DNA Land service equally implies that they could reach out to me as a member of their educational study for my genetic data.

Then, I went forward to the section where I was required to upload my data and was provided with an option of uploading data either from 23andMe, AncestryDNA, or Family Tree DNA. Unluckily, in case your data doesn’t come from either of these companies you will be denied access to the service. As soon as I had picked the document to upload, I was then required to add some major details about my parents and myself and also provided with the option of participating in an extra breast cancer research which I quickly agreed to.

The DNA Land site went forward telling me that my document was being executed and that it would be fully completed in a day.


DNA Land: The results

As soon as my results were ready, I was asked to research four major sections: Find relatives, Find relatives of relatives, Ancestry Report and Trait Predictor.


Section I: Finding relatives

What is more exciting than finding family members? Under the find relatives section, DNA Land listed out the individuals I share the same DNA connection with. Also, I remember that my dad had sent his results to DNA Land as well, so it was very nice to find out that he was at the top of the genetic connection. For every connection, I was provided with a name, some metrics and an email address to show how much we were related.

Another metrics which was given alongside a connection showed the kind of familyhood we were likely to have (for instance, aunt), which turned out to be quite useful for finding out the match I should concentrate on first. Other metrics included: the aggregate shared length, the number of shared sections, the aggregate latest shared length, and the longest latest shared length. Although this was interesting yet I saw the Relationship Likelihood graph to be more useful.

Getting just a little match, I was anxious about finding out how my experience was compared to others. A variety of forums and Facebook groups showed that many users of DNA Land were said to have zero matches, though I hope there will be developed as more individuals get to make use of the service.


Section II: Finding relatives of relatives

The “Find relatives of relatives” section showed a list of relatives who had been found in the previous section (Find relative). For every relative, I was provided with an email address and a name, both the email address and name of the connection we had in common, how we were related (for instance third cousin), and a variety of metrics that were in the DNA which we had in common. The total intercepting length was one of the most helpful metrics which is in a chart form.


Section III: Ancestry composition

After family history, the next section was the ancestry report section, and I was very interested in this section. Once I found out that my report had been completely processed, I was quite excited, although I was a little disappointed the first time I opened it. Other DNA tests I have taken previously had indicated that my DNA was associated with many other ethnicities, yet the DNA Land indicated only four which is not so revealing. Shown below is my ancestry report:

My ancestry report, the most important result I got stated that the totality of my DNA which had to do with the Balkan populations is 30%! I was quite happy finding out that my Balkan ancestry was good compared to other DNA tests I have had which indicated that my Balkan ancestry 10-20%. Nevertheless, the rest of the tests I have taken showed my Balkan and Greek ancestry separately, but DNA Land combined both the Greek and Balkan populations.

This section of DNA has already gone through an ethnicity update, also as more individuals upload their information I’m certain there will be more developments.


Section IV: Trait prediction report

The DNA Land final result also turned out to be its latest, to the extent that when I logged in initially, it was not indicated in my results. To access this aspect of the service, I was required to fill in a form to assist DNA Land in corroborating their results. After that, I was then permitted to access the trait prediction report.

Also, I should mention that the explanations that come with the results were a little more complex than that of the previous DNA Land sections, on this note, I didn’t quite understand them at first.


Key takeaways

DNA Land offers a simple detail of your ethnicity and to compare to the other tests I took. All the results can surely be worked on. I think this will take place as more individuals become users of the service. Especially with individuals interested in specific aspects of ancestry like Native American, Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry etc.

DNA Land provides good services, and most of the results are carefully explained, but I advise the reports should be viewed with reports from other tests to enable you to find obvious patterns. As soon as DNA Land gets a reasonable number of people in their database and find a way to tune their results properly, this will serve as a great tool for freely accessing your genetic ancestry.

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