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Genetic Genie: Raw Data Analysis Review

Genetic Genie is a free tool that analyzes DNA raw data and generates personalized reports based on the methylation and detox pathway.

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  • It is a free tool.
  • The report contains a list of all the SNPs which are analyzed.
  • The website looks outdated.
  • Accepts only 23andMe raw data.
  • Accepts 23andMe raw data only till v4 chip.
  • Offers only Methylation and Detox reports.
  • There is no customer service.
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Genetic Genie Review Summary

I have always been very concerned about my identity; I firmly believe that without a true and accurate knowledge of the past, we will never be able to affect the present and change the future. I elected to opt for this DNA Test partly because of this belief, but also because – in this age of identity conflicts and racial tension, I find that the knowledge of one’s roots would serve to provide inner peace and self confidence to face whatever lies in the future.

I have had some previous experience with the collection and processing of DNA samples in the past, so this part of the test went pretty much according to my other experience although I will note that it did take slightly longer than I had expected, although this could be attribute to the large number of samples being processed when compared to my previous experience at a private facility.

All in all, it was well worth the time and expense, as I acquired a lot of details about my ancestry that I found extremely fascinating and relevant. If I were to complain about something, though, it would be the amount of extraneous scientific jargon in the results. On one hand I understand that it reflects the attention to detail that the site employs, but on the other, it got extremely tedious quick.


Genetic Genie: Full Review

To start with, the reason I opted for this particular DNA testing site from myriads of others was the knowledge that it would include an assessment of the methylation cycle as part of its analysis of epigenetics, as I had previously stated, I am no stranger to DNA testing and the concept of epigenetics is one that has intrigued me for some months now.


Genetic Genie: Product Expectations

I was given a pretty thorough explanation of what to expect on the website; I already had a thorough backing on the process of DNA sample collection, so I had no fears or anxiety about being traumatized by a huge needle. The methylation analysis and Detox Profiles were pretty much the only parts that had hitherto unknown information for me. It informed me that these tests required information that id get from the DNA test, and that the DNA test and Methylation Analysis and Detox Profiles were run by two different companies with no affiliation whatsoever to each other. I was told that the Methylation Analysis test would tell me if my DNA had any genetic variants that made me susceptible to any behavioral or medical illnesses as a result of the way my DNA was methylated.

How to Upload Your Raw Data to Genetic Genie: Experience

This was the part of the test that I had anticipated would be the most difficult, but in the end turned out to be the mot straightforward. It was quick, easy, and I was assured that, since the data was only on the server for a brief period of time, there would be no way to either link me to it, and no way for it to be stored or otherwise stolen. I was relieved when I read this because I strongly believe in data privacy and I wouldn’t want any of my most personal information making its way to the depths of the dark web or something.

Genetic Genie Results

The results came back much sooner than I had anticipated, and it was with a measure of trepidation that I decided to view the results of the DNA Methylation and Detox Analysis.

Genetic Genie: Methylation Analysis

This was organized into four sub-sections, namely; Gene & Variation’, ‘rsID’, ‘Alleles’ and ‘Result’. This was the beginning of the deluge of technical jargon with terms and words that I couldn’t fully understand unless I did a Google search, and some that I did not understand even after Googling. Suffice it to say that it was a summary of the genes and their mutations, as well as a color coded representation of genetic variants.

Genetic Genie: MTFHR and other mutations

it was probably to be expected that I’d turn out to have some genetic mutations. The tests showed that I have a mutation in my MTHFR A1298C gene which may have given me some predisposition to emotional and physical symptoms which were sadly not fully explained.

Genetic Genie: Detox Profile

This section was organized in a manner similar to the Methylation Analysis section, with four subsections and was, to be honest, almost completely made up of technical babble. In their defense though, they seemed to know this and stated in their site that it was meant for ‘’people who have some understanding of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs)’’. Well, clearly, I wasn’t one of those people.


Review summary

in conclusion, the only significant drawback or complaint that I have about this test pertains to the sometimes difficult to understand nature of some of the technical terms used, with or without the use of a dictionary and Wikipedia. In all else, this test addressed all that it was advertised to do, providing answers to questions and tackling them in almost exhaustive detail. It gave me a thorough understanding of my genetic material and how some changes in the way DNA is processed may predispose to some emotional, mental or physical changes as I grow older. Another small complaint, however, would be the ack of proper detail concerning the exact nature of the physical/mental traits that I’m supposed to be predisposed to, you’d think that this would be of utmost importance to the creators of the test  having identified it and published it in the results.


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