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Livewello Health Raw Data Analysis

Livewello is an Africa-based health genetic testing company. Livewello uses raw data files from ancestry genetic testing companies to provide health reports.

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  • Livewello provides ample additional resources to understand your results
  • Not clear what we are paying for.
  • Some results are very technical.
  • Non-refundable fee.
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Livewello DNA Raw Data Analysis Review


Full Report

Co-Founded by one of the ‘20 Youngest Power Women in Africa 2012’ and her husband to centralize the health of their son’s bio-neurological disorder, LiveWello provides a service which concentrates on the health of the community. The purpose is to let persons take full control and have complete knowledge about their health status by sharing the information of their genetic predispositions and diagnosed conditions.


Product expectations

LiveWello provided me with a chance of making good use of my DNA raw data information from a  previous private health DNA test to explore more on my blood predisposition. Though I decided to make use of Ancestry DNA information, the service was also compatible with raw data from Family Tree DNA, 23andMe, and Gene by Gene.

LiveWello provides an option for either a subscription service or a one-time payment. Both of these differ in a way. It looked like the latter also included health insights which were specific to each client, and written by experts, instead of being an automated algorithmic result. Apart from this, I could not tell what else was contained in the subscription service, on this note, I picked the one-time payment. This was not made clear to me even by customer service.

The terms and conditions of this service pointed out that the results obtained, does not imply medical advice and that my raw data information will not be rented, sold, or shared without my written permission. Also, I was happy when I learned that I could wipe out my account and data at any given time in case I choose to stop using this service. Another important thing I noticed about this service was that the fee I paid was not refundable, and also, the subscription usually renews automatically when the period expires if it is not canceled on time.


Ordering experience

As soon as I picked the payment option, I got myself registered on the website by typing in my name, my email address, a username, and a security code. Then I paid a fee of $19.95 through PayPal and received confirmation through email. It took close to 3 minutes before I could upload my DNA raw data file. When it was done, I was then free to view my reports.

I was later sent a bunch of emails that included links to resources. These links served as a handbook which pointed out to me how the service could be used and how to better understand my results. The resources were so many and were in different forms like Facebook pages, videos etc. It was beneficial having these links which were included in the email. This ensured that I had easy access whenever I wanted them. I could dodge having to search via the website for tips. I was also sent a link to access my DNA results directly.


Livewello results

I had many results, but these results were broken into four major divisions which were: Health Reports, Variance Reports, Gene Templates, and Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS). Although not only results, there were also many other characteristics which also came with the service, such as a genetic variant search function and surveys. This helped me understand and explore my reports from many angles.

  • Health Reports

These reports were the most important aspect of the results and seemed like it was the central hub which paved way to all the other reports. Before I paid for the service, I knew that I would be offered about 25 free reports on specific health conditions. Nevertheless, in the end, there were over 25 free reports which were in the analysis, which made me very happy.

Unluckily, for most of the reports, they showed that I had inadequate genotypes in carrying out the analysis. In aggregate, nine of them had the same message instead of a conclusion. Although I wasn’t given any personalized data concerning these cases, the results still offered me with sufficient information concerning important research and the exact number of individuals from various populations who are affected by them.

  • Variance Reports

As soon as I had gone over the health reports, I proceeded to the variance reports. These were less user-friendly and a little more advanced as compared to the previous reports. These reports enabled me to click on every genetic variant to read the details about it and what it implies on health.

The Variance Reports contains so many characteristics that it is impossible to talk about all of them in detail. I guess that the most relevant point about these reports is that even if it appears to be a bit dense and complicated, to begin with, it was worth the read. I was provided with a large number of statistics, information, and other additional resources, which were well narrowed down and offered genuinely valuable details about health-related matters. Lastly, just as the case of the previous reports, the references detailing in which the data was sourced were detailed and comprehensive, and the choice of sharing the report provided me with yet another chance of making use of the community focus of the service.

  • Gene Templates

The gene templates provided me with more illustrations on how personalized and social this service could be. The SNP Sandbox enabled me to make customized gene variance reports, for instance, such a report showing only genes that have to do with insomnia. I utilized the search function in locating issues and the part of the human body which they affect, and also the genetic variants that have to do with them. These genetic variants were tagged with their ‘rsIDs,’ and this made me wonder if the reports were going to end up being too scientifically detailed. Nevertheless, this was not my concern, and by the time I was done generating the personalized gene variance report, it looked exactly like the variance reports which I had already seen. This enabled me to locate good, user-friendly data about every genetic variant important to the body part or condition I had chosen.

  • Genome-Wide Association Studies

The last aspect of the service which I passed through was known as the genome-wide association studies section. This was surrounded on studies which focused on many different individuals’ DNA all over the entire genome (all of the DNA). These studies enabled researchers to discover genetic variants which are located most occasionally in people with certain conditions, to create further links between disease and genetics.



LiveWello is the best when compared to other genetic tools because of the number of opportunities it provided me within customizing my personal experience, and the various ways I could add to and fully understand my results. I was mostly astonished by the references which were contained in the results which comprised of links to various original studies and served as a source to more research.

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