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Nutrahacker has a user-friendly and an easy-to-navigate website. The information in this report covers everything you will need to know about Nutrahacker. But I couldn’t understand my results better without some prior research and little scientific knowledge to accompany it. I am glad about the fact that I got it for free and it was meant for people who already had some knowledge about nutrition and genetics.


Nutrahacker Review

Nutrahacker was founded in 2013 by John Vinea and Mark Austin Wagoner who were both UCLA graduates and experts in databases and statistics. They both strived to build a system that provides a comprehensive DNA analysis and to find answers to devasting health challenges such as chronic fatigue syndrome.

Nutrahacker provides an online platform for users to analyze their genetic data. They also provide a free detoxification/methylation report as well as an indebt analysis like those that evaluate depression and carrier status.


Product Expectations

According to the information I received, Nutrahacker will use both data gotten from my health status and my genetic makeup to create a report about my health which will reveal the kind of nutrients I should increase its intake and those I should avoid. The test was meant to help me personalize my supplements list.

I chose the Methylation/Detoxification report of which the Supplement report was also part of it. The concept of Methylation and Detoxification was not properly explained, and I got to know that the service evaluate 58 SNPs and even this was not explained either. I resolved to search for the meaning of these terms on Google instead, and I got to understand that SNPs, or single nucleotide polymorphisms, refers to genetic variations that can be seen at specific points along the DNA sequence which causes variation between individuals. My genetic data alongside a 32- question health survey will be used to generate my report.


Ordering Experience

I had two options, either to sign in with my 23andMe profile or to upload my genetic data from AncestryDNA or 23andMe in a .txt file format. I chose to sign in using 23andMe, and I was asked to grant access for Nutcracker to access to information, which I did. There was no online checker because it was a free service.

After that, I was asked to select the name of the person whom I was uploading his genome. I picked my name which was the only option as it was linked to my account. I also learned that my name would not be permanently stored which I was okay with as well. I clicked submit, and within two minutes, my file was uploaded.

After it was uploaded, a survey that comprised of 34 questions (not 32 as specified on the website) popped up. They were all anonymous and health-related. To me, the survey wasn’t user-friendly. I don’t have any known health challenges, and there was none “No to all” option which I would have appreciated.

I read the privacy policy since there were none ‘terms and conditions page.’ It was very short and straightforward. It was also devoured of long lists and ‘lawyer speak.’ in this page, Nutrahacker reassured me of their commitment to ensuring my privacy. But to my surprise, they made no mention of what they will do with my data or how long they will keep it after I have uploaded it.


Nutrahacker Results

I entered my email address after I glanced through the privacy policy. I got the results and an email with a link to the ‘Detox Supplement Visualization Tool’ and the ‘Detox report’ as well as a link to enable me to create my own ‘Customised Supplement Formula Report.’

Results Section: Methylation/ Detoxification Report

The ‘Detox report’ link directed me to a combined report of detox and methylation mutation analysis. The concept of methylation mutation was described as a“single nucleotide polymorphisms.” Again, this was better not explained as it didn’t make much sense. Worst still, the technical language used in the text made it look rather confusing. From what I could deduce, it requires someone with some expert knowledge to be able to comprehend the meaning of the report fully.

I was told about the number of mutations present in my body system and whether they were sex-linked or heterozygous. Again, this wasn’t properly explained. Hence, I couldn’t relate it to the results.

The only section where I got the most useful data was in the ‘Consequence’ and ‘Gene Function’ columns. From these columns, I was able to deduce the actions of each gene and the health implication of such actions. I got to discover that the CYP3A4 gene was responsible for the process of detoxifying steroid hormones and prescription drugs. My results revealed a decreased level of enzyme function. Although, I wasn’t so sure about the meaning about my future experience.

The type of nutrients I should include more and does I should avoid were disclosed in the ‘Encourage and Avoid’ column. I couldn’t derive much,eaning from these because I wasn’t a nutritionist.

Result Section: Detox Supplement Visualization Tool

This link directed me to the web page that contains a collapsible tree diagram that should help me the nutrients I should increase my intake of as well as those I should avoid.

Results Section: Customized Supplement Formula Report

This section revealed the kind of nutrients I should take, the recommended dosage and the genes that determined it. As for so many other people that wish to use Nutrahacker’s report and me, the information contained in the report is a bit too complex to be comprehended literally without the help of independent research or the advice of a nutritionist.

5.6 Total Score
Nutrahacker Raw Data Analysis Review

Nutrahacker is a DNA raw data analysis service that specializes in providing personalized nutrition and vitamin supplements based on DNA raw data from ancestry genetic testing companies.

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  • Provide specialized reports for supplements.
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