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Promethease is a third party DNA raw data analysis or literature retrieval system that gives primarily health reports. They use the SNPedia database to give health implication of the status of each SNP in your raw data file.

Customer service
Clarity of results
Value for money
Overall experience
  • It is cheap. Usually between $5 and $15.
  • They give free runs from time to time.
  • Prompt responses to queries.
  • It is an information dump.
  • Not curated for simple reading.
  • Promethease follows the single SNP interpretation format.
  • Very difficult user interphase.
  • They use difficult terms like Magnitude and
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Promethease: Full Review

If you need a reliable tool for getting more from your DNA raw genetic data, then Promethease may be a good option for you to explore the different gene variants that you possess. It is pertinent to note that AncestryDNA and 23andMe only analyze a fraction out of all the variants present in your raw data. Promethease offers a cost-effective means of using the existing data to know more about yourself. If you have already purchased your ancestry genetic test kit, then Promethease is a good way to dig for more information.


However, I always remembered the fact that I had chosen to interpret complex information by using Promethease, even without allowing a medical practitioner to test run it. I realized it was hard to derive meaning from my results because I was frequently worried that the results could be misinterpreted. The variants I posses and their effects were out of place.


You should note that Promethease lacks the kind of user interface that the likes of 23andMe has. And the web interface can be challenging most times and it section where I had to navigate my results was quite difficult.

Aside from these limitations, Promethease offers exceptional service with lots of interesting tutorials and data to enable you to utilize your data fully. This tool is highly recommended for, and you don’t mind the fact that you may only understand little of the information you get.


Why I used Promethease

The purpose of Promethease is to help users to identify the kind genetic variants they possess, their respective meanings and the research corresponding to it all. Promethease has eliminated any form of ‘middleman’ when interpreting an individual’s genetic data. And I was full of expectations regarding how it was approached.


Product Expectations

Promethease has several pages on their website to the extent that I conceded to use their service. I was told the reports would be based on SPN data which I gave my acknowledgment and that they would delete it after 45 days without considering the non-genetic factors. This is based on the assumption that genetic variants do not react with one another. They also encouraged me to discuss my results with my medical professional.

I was asked to agree to a particular statement that almost made me give up on them. It stated as follows: “I realize that most published reports about DNA variations explain only a small part of the heritability of a trait.” This implied that Promethease is of the opinion that the research underlying their report does not account for the reason why people are affected differently by genetic variants. Although, I am not so sure if that is what they meant. This made me believe that Promethease was suitable as a tool for pros in genetics. I soon realized that it was not user-friendly like 23andMe an AncestryDNA.

Finally, I felt some relief when I checked the privacy policy and found out that none of my data would be shared or sold. In whatever form, either anonymize or aggregated sets. They even consented that they would wipe out my raw data from their system after 24 hours of uploading it.


Ordering experience

I proceeded to upload two files after acknowledging the statement,  a 15 MB TXT file from 23andMe (this took less than a minute) and a 4 GB zipped VCF file from Full Genomes (which took about 40 minutes). I got to learn from the instructional video that the file will be used to create a single report.

To enable my VCF file to be processed, I paid a fee of $10 after I had uploaded both files. I was impressed to discover that Promethease could also process files from Family tree DNA, Genos, Genos for good and even DNALand.

After the payment was made, I got two emails, alongside a purchase receipt and an invitation to either view or download my results. I preferred the results to be downloaded instead and it came in a HTML file format and a corresponding file folder. This was my first time seeing results in such a format, and I was so eager to see it.


Promethease results

A browser page popped up when I opened the HTML file. And I was told that 60 and 167 genotype were annotated which I believed implied genetic variants.


Results Section: UI Version 2

This represented the core of the Promethease service as the tutorial contained therein proves to be so helpful. But the content covered by the tutorial was covered and not highlighted, and this made it somewhat confusing. Another down part is that the tutorial keeps coming up each time you want to access that section and you can’t turn it off after using it for the first time.


Results Section: Good/Bad/Interesting

This contains just as much as what was included in the UI Version 2 section. The only difference is that it analyzed my results in a way that made it more manageable.

The Good subsection showed the variants I had that were related to beneficial characteristics, for instance; resistance to a particular disease. Below is the analysis of my top five Good variants. The Bad subsection analyzed the variants relating to negative characteristics, for instance, my level of risk to a particular disease. I particularly thrilled by the Interesting subsection, which listed the noteworthy variants, for instance, those that predisposed me to an angry temperament).


Results Section: Drugs and medical conditions

The number of variants that I possessed regarding medicines and medical conditions was disclosed in this section with links for more info. It was interesting that I could search for variants by medicine or medical conditions respectively. This was particularly helpful if there was a specific illness I was worried about for long.



Promethease is a reliable tool for obtaining the most from your digitized data. Although it does not have a great user interface just like the AncestryDNA and 23andMe, it is a cost-effective way of obtaining valid information about yourself using your existing data.

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