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Today, more than 20 million individuals have taken genetic tests.  While most of them do it to trace their ancestries— hoping to uncover the secrets within their genes— others do it to adopt healthier diets, better work-out plans, screen for diseases etc.  The information opportunities from our genomes are, simply put, absolutely limitless. This article presents user experiences with some genetic testing companies. It also lists out a couple of raw data analysis tools that you can use.

Most people get their raw genetic data from companies like 23andMe, Ancestry DNA or Family Tree DNA (FTDNA).  Some of them, go an extra mile and get a Whole Genome Sequence (WGS) done (which involves reading 100% of your DNA), as well. Here’s where it gets tricky, though- analyzing this raw data. Well, if you’re stuck and are on the look-out for some way to figure it all out, fret no longer! Read on and become a genome-analysis whiz in no time!

Uploading your DNA raw data for further analysis

For those of you who have already taken a genetic test– downloading your raw data from the company website should be the ideal next step.

The raw data, in itself, is extremely difficult to read and interpret. However, you can upload it to third-party sites to get useful health and ancestry-related information. While some of these tools are free, others are usually available for a discounted or nominal price.

Check out the latest price and review for each raw data analysis tool

What Else Can I Do With My DNA Raw Data?

Here are the top 10 best DNA raw data analysis tools both free and paid:

Genetic Genie

Xcode Life
My Heritage
DNA Land

1. Promethease ($12)Analyze Raw DNA Data with Promethease
Promethease allows you to upload your DNA raw data only from 23andMe and Ancestry DNA. The reports are based on SNPedia, a Wiki-styled repository of user-contributed information. Using its retrieval system, Promethease presents SNP and phenotype associations for various genetic variants present in your raw data upload.  

2. GEDMatch (Free)GEDMatch reviews

GEDMatch is a DNA matching website. Here, you can upload your raw data from 23andMe and look for DNA matches from several companies such as Ancestry DNA or FTDNA. Because of its user-friendly interface, GEDMatch is a popular choice for both ancestry enthusiasts and professional genealogists.  Interestingly, GEDMatch was recently in the news for playing a key role in uncovering the perpetrator in the Golden-State murders.

3. Genetic Genie (Free)Genetic Genie: Review of Methylation and Detox report

Genetic Genie is mostly involved in methylation and detox reports.  In Genetic Genie, you can upload your raw data for free. They currently offer two reports and accept DNA raw data only from 23andMe (up to the v4 chip version).



4. Nutrahacker ($20-$85)Nutrahacker DNA raw data analysis service
Nutrahacker provides health, fitness and supplementation reports based on your DNA raw data. Reports offered are Methylation, Detox, Fitness, Depression, Carrier Status and Celiac disease




5. DNAFit ($79-$149)DNA Fit Health Genetic Test

Based on your DNA raw data, DNAFit provides comprehensive diet and fitness advice. They offer a total of 24 reports covering coaching choices and training plans constructed from in-depth diet and fitness insights.

6. Livewello ($20)Livewello Health Raw Data Analysis

Livewello accepts DNA raw data from 23andMe, Ancestry DNA, Family Tree DNA and Gene by Gene. They specialize in generating reports that contain information on gene variation associated with various genetic diseases.

7. StrateGene (Free to $45/report)
Strategene is an initiative by Dr. Ben Lynch. While the service started off with MTHFR reports, they now include 11 “basic” genes and 11 “bonus” genes, in their report.  The company’s core focus, however, remains to be methylation analysis with MTHFR SNPs which is reflected in their reports.

8. My Heritage DNA (Free)
MyHeritage is one of the best companies for in-depth autosomal DNA analysis and genealogical research.  On uploading your 23andMe or Ancestry DNA raw data, My Heritage would provide a free ethnicity break-up. They also use your information to find DNA matches within their database and provide possible family connections.


9. Xcode Life (Free to $20)

Established in 2010, Xcode Life is a genetic testing company with the largest portfolio of health and wellness based reports in the industry. Raw data files from more than 25 major companies are accepted including 23andMe, Ancestry DNA, Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), Living DNA, My Heritage DNA etc.




10. DNA Land (Free)DNA Land Raw Data Analysis
DNA Land accepts raw data from 23andMe and My Heritage DNA. They provide a free and detailed ancestry and wellness trait reports, based on this data. In addition to this, they also provide DNA matching services.



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