Which DNA Test Should I Buy During DNA day?

Should you purchase a DNA kit now or wait for DNA day deals?

Most of the genetic testing companies put up attractive offers for the DNA day sale.

This sale comes around once a year and can be useful if you are trying to purchase a DNA test kit for your friends, family or as a gift for yourself.

Which are the Best DNA Testing Companies?

While DNA testing sounds exciting, it is equally important that you are not emptying your wallets on disreputable companies.

Go for genetic test results that will help you in your genealogy research, find your family or get insights about your health.

Here is a recommended list of genetic testing companies, you can avail your DNA day offers. This list was aggregated based on popularity and how frequently they announce deals on important days:


  1. 23andMe: Save $30 on 23andMe Ancestry Service test kit
  2. Ancestry DNA: $69 Ancestry DNA kit
  3. Family Tree DNA: $49 Family Finder DNA test plus REDUCED SHIPPING
  4. My Heritage DNA: $59 DNA test kit plus free shipping for orders of 2+ kits
  5. Living DNA: $59 + shipping 3-in-1 DNA test kit
  6. Xcode Life: Get up to 65% OFF on 10 reports.


These companies have been up and about in the genetic testing industry for more than 10 years. They work with genealogy communities and offer the necessary tools and reports to enrich the current knowledge in both ancestry and health avenues.


A WORD OF CAUTION: Genetic testing companies do not charge you more than $99 for a basic autosomal DNA test; if any company is charging you more than that, do not buy from them. Do not buy from companies that charge you to download your raw data. Your raw data is your genetic information. You are the owner and should not have to pay to download or request it.


When should you buy the DNA kit? Before DNA day, on DNA day, or after DNA day?

The DNA day is on the 25th of April 2019.

This article will be updated regularly as and when companies announce their discounts so bookmark this page if you want to avoid hopping across websites.

Here are our recommendations on when to buy your DNA test kit

Let us take a look at some of the offers for DNA day last year

  • Ancestry DNA: The price of the DNA kit was just $59 which is a 40% discount.
  • Family Tree DNA: Their Family Finder price was just $49 last year. However, the disadvantage of this test is that it covers only autosomal DNA markers. If you are trying to get information on your haplogroup you need to buy their Y-DNA and Mt-DNA test separately. 
  • 23andMe: The Ancestry Service test kit, a basic autosomal test was only $69. Further, the price for the 23andMe Ancestry Service + Health test kit was only $139.
  • My Heritage: The DNA test kit was priced at just $69 during DNA day sale.


Which is the Best DNA Test Kit to Purchase during DNA day?

There are many factors to consider before you can pick the service that is right for you. Below is our recommended strategy depending on the need of consumers:

If you are interested in family history and want to build your family tree then Ancestry DNA is your place. They have more than 6 million people within their community to match your DNA with. You can download your DNA raw data from their website for free and use it on multiple other websites to get health and wellness insights.

FTDNA is the only vendor that sells separate tests for autosomal DNA, Y chromosome and Mt-DNA.

Note: The Y-DNA tests like Y-37, Y-67, and Y-111 are intended ONLY for male subjects. This test would be useless if you carry two X chromosomes (females).

Family Tree DNA and MyHeritage DNA both provide basic matching services to DNA testers. MyHeritage is a better choice if you have a European ethnic background since their users are based from there. You will most likely find a match from My Heritage DNA. It is also the best option for bulk purchases.

If you have a British ancestry then Living DNA would be a better choice. Living DNA is the only DNA testing company to show a detailed breakdown of British heritage.


For the latest deals and coupons be sure to stay tuned to DNA Test Reviews. 



If you are planning on getting the DNA test for an older relative, go for a swab test and not a spit test. This means Ancestry DNA and 23andMe are off your list. Older people have complained often that they have trouble producing enough saliva for good quality DNA extraction. Family Tree DNA and MyHeritage DNA collect two swab samples one of which is kept for future use.

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